Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back after 2 and a half weeks

I finally got back on track again... so I think. I ran 2.5 miles on Tuesday. I had a lot of energy in my legs, but since I hadn't run in a couple of weeks, my lungs couldn't go any further.

On Wednesday, I felt OK for the most part, but ankles were a little sore. Not sure why.

Tonight, I started off with 2.5 miles around 8 minute pace. I was definitely pushing myself. That took me to the gym where I did a light set on the bench press, a light set of bicep curls, and 2 sets of crunches (1 for upper abs and 1 for lower abs/iliopsoas).

After the gym, I ran 1.5 miles home. I felt like I was pushing myself just as hard as when I did the 8 mile pace, but I know I was doing around 9 1/2 minute pace.

Can I just tell you that it is way too hot for mid-November? It is humid, too. I think the temperature was around 78 degrees at 7pm when I was running.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

2008 Dick Batchelor Run For The Children 5K

Didn't seem like there was the normal amount of runners for a downtown race this morning. It was probably due to the weather. It was overcast and actually started to drizzle part way through the race. Needless to say, it was very humid.

The after race food and drinks was probably the best I've ever seen at a 5k. There was coffee, bagels, bananas, oranges, watermelon, orange chicken (battered) from Panda Express, chocolate milk and there were other giveaways, too.

About my race... I started 1 minute and 3 seconds after the official start. I hit the first mile marker at 8:45, so my real time was 7:42. I passed the two mile marker at 16:51, so my real split was 15:48 which translates to a 8:06 mile. My finish time was 24:52, which brings my last mile split to 8:12.

I averaged exactly 8 min/mile. My goal was to beat 25 minutes and I just made it. Woohoo!!!

I have to give some props to my gf Kim for helping me get ready in the morning, getting me to the start on time, and most of all... when I wanted to get loaded last night, she reminded of my race in the morning and that I probably didn't want to do that. Thanks Kim!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Couple of good runs last week

I ran on Monday and Saturday.

I noticed that on some days (obviously Monday), the YMCA running group goes by my apartment and then around Lake Ivanhoe and back downtown. I wasn't sure the exact route or the time they run, but I passed some of them on my scooter on the way home. When I got back to my apartment, I got a hair up my butt. I quickly got changed into my running gear and headed out the door. The last runner had at least a quarter mile on me, but I was determined to catch at least one runner.

I took off at a pretty quick pace. I finally caught up to the first person at just over a mile. I caught the next person in about another quarter mile. I could see a small pack a few hundred yards ahead and I caught them at around 2 miles.

I figured I could keep up the pace if they headed straight back the way they came, but they took a turn that meant they were going around another lake. Plus 1 mile. I couldn't keep going at that pace, so I caught the pack, but dropped to the back for the rest of the run.

Overall, I ran 3.75 miles.

Saturday, I ran 5 miles. 2 laps around Lake Ivanhoe. The first 2.5 mile lap I did at an average to slow pace. I was very concerned with hurting my calf, so I tried going back to the running style I had gotten away from. Very little leg lift, very fast motion. More kick and less forward knee motion. I picked up the pace on the second lap, but kept the running style.

My total run time was 50 minutes, so I averaged 10 min pace.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Greater Maitland 5K

Sometimes, it's good to do what you normally would do on any other day. Like usual, I had a cup of coffee in the morning. It was either that or the cool temperature or the first race in my new running shoes, but I had a great race. It wasn't my best time ever, but I felt really good.

I took my time warming up. I did about a quarter mile out from the starting line and came back. When I took off, everyone was back at the registration area, but when I got back, everyone was lined up at the starting line. I knew I didn't have much time to stretch, but had to get it in. I put more emphasis on my calves since they have been hurting off and on since April. I also put an emphasis on rotating my arms around to get them going.

The next thing you know, I see everyone's start running. I didn't even have my shoestrings tied the way I wanted yet. It took me about 15 seconds to re-tie my shoes and off I went. There weren't too many people running and walking, so I was able to get to a place in the pack that I liked relatively quickly.

I ran the first mile in 7:57. It felt good. Not too fast. I started a little late, but my mile split was aided by a couple of downhills which I utilized to my advantage by coasting and letting my inertia carry me. You don't want to go too fast, but I don't understand why most people try to slow down when going downhill.

The second mile was in 15:30. I felt like I kept my pace the same, but I did add a few bursts to keep myself going without getting bored.

The last mile was definitely the hardest. The course was pretty much an out and back, so I obviously had to run up a couple of hills. My time was 25:30. The official time says 25:29.9, but whatever. If it was a PR, I'd take it. It didn't feel like around 9 minute pace on that last mile, but the clock doesn't lie.

I need to get some more quality training runs logged in the next couple of weeks. The next race is October 25th - Dick Batchelor Run for the Kids in downtown Orlando.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Calf Pain, but No Blisters

2 runs so far this week...

Sunday run around 4 miles. I start off and I'm thinking... "My legs feel good. I've got some bounce and vibrancy here. Let's do this." I take off and about 20 steps in... my calf pulls. It's not major, but dammit. I'm stupid and won't learn from my previous blogs and keep going. I slow down mind you, but I'm goin'.

I end up jogging at a slower pace through 4 miles.

Calf pain, but no blisters.

Wednesday... 11pm... it's late, but screw it. Knowing I have a minor pull in my calf, I take it easy. I ran about 9 1/2 pace for 3.6 miles. I guessed I did around 3.5 and I ran my course through gmap-pedometer and 3.6. That's a sure sign of progress. When you can guess very close to the mileage you are running, you're getting there.

Calf is sore, but not painful. And no blisters.

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Running Shoes

I went out Friday night to Sports Authority for a new pair running shoes. I liked using that store and especially on a slow night, because there was room to run up and down the aisles with different pairs of shoes. I tried on a few models.

Here's my thing. Most shoes are made for heel strikers. I land on the balls of my feet. The last pair I purchased was the Nike Air Pegasus a couple years ago. They just came back out and they were the most comfortable shoes that I had when I ran competitively in high school. I even bought them repeatedly. When I bought the newer version, the store was packed (Foot Locker) and they felt comfortable when I tried them on and walked in them.

I ran in them, but my feet hurt sometimes. My foot would slide forward and put pressure on my toes, hence the blisters from relatively short mileage.

I hope some people that use the same running style learn from my past pain and gain from my new pleasure.

Back to the Sports Authority

The first pair of sneaks that I tried did the same thing as the Air Pegasus. They were Nike Dart IV's. I didn't have my epiphany yet. I thought the problem was the size of the shoe. I went up a half size. The new shoes did the same thing even with the extra room. On top of that, these shoes made me underpronate every step. That was annoying.

I start looking at the shoes on the wall all over again. I come across the Nike Air Tri-D Run II. Immediately, I feel more cushion under the balls of my feet leading to the base of my toes. That was nice. I then start running in the store and to my surprise, my feet aren't moving forward at foot strike!! These are the most comfortable shoes I have had since rediscovering running about 6 years ago with a pair of New Balance (don't remember the model number).

If you are a ball striker, you may want to check out these running shoes. Nike Air Tri-D Run II.

So to really test these things out, I went out for a run today. I took my mp3 player / radio and tuned into the local jazz station to make sure I didn't run too fast. I wanted to go slow and steady and try to log in an hour, which I haven't done in quite some time.

I ran almost exactly an hour and did 5 miles. That's really slow, but it's hot and humid still... plus I haven't run that far in months. The shoes... were exactly that same as when I ran in the store. My feet didn't move around and that extra cushion in the front of the shoe was perfect.

I am very pleased. I will definitely remember to come back to this post the next time I need to buy some running shoes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot and Humid

Went out for a run this afternoon around 6:30 and it was drizzling. It wasn't enough to cool things off though. It was still in the 90s and the humidity was obviously through the roof.

My goal... 4 miles.

Mission accomplished. I did a half mile warmup at around 12 min pace. The first mile and a half I did around 8 minute pace. My legs started to feel heavy and I was breathing heavy at that point and I slowed down around 9 minute pace for another mile. Did a half around 10 minute pace and I was having a hard time just to keep going. Finished up with a half mile cooldown about 12 minute pace back home.

I failed to follow a basic rule. It was hot and humid and I didn't stop for water during my run. I probably could have kept my pace going by drinking some water along the way.

My core temperature was way too high by the time I got home. I had to stand in front of the air conditioner for 20 minutes with cool air blowing directly on me before I stopped sweating.

I hope it starts getting cool soon... dreaming. That won't happen until October.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Xentury City I-Drive U Run 5k

Today, I ran a 5k down at Xentury City, which is next to the Gaylord Palms Resort and close to the Nickelodeon Hotel by Holiday Inn. Dora the Explorer was there... so was Sponge Bob Square Pants.

I haven't run much lately and this was a last minute thing. I just signed up a couple days ago. I didn't know what to expect of myself and I didn't have anything to lose.

Got up at 5am, took a shower, got dressed and started eating a Snickers Marathon bar. Not sure if that was a great choice, but it came free with my race packet, so I was going to give it a shot. 11 grams of fiber in that thing. I'm close to my normal daily intake, well... recommended intake.

It was a nice intimate race with under 500 runners and walkers.

My wristband watch has been broken for a few months, so I didn't have a good way of gauging my pace other than running what felt comfortable and using the mile split clocks.

According to the official results, I finished in 26:25 with an adjusted time of 26:10. It's funny. My girlfriend asked me what my goal was just prior to the start and I quickly thought 8 minute pace would put me just under 25 minutes. I added a minute since I haven't run consistently in over 3 months and out of my mouth comes 26 minutes. I was close. If I hadn't stopped during the race, I might have run the 25 minutes.

So it apparently took me 15 seconds to get to the starting line. I remember my mile split time said 7:57, so my real split was 7:42. Faster than I wanted to be going, but it felt good to that point. That's the problem. I had 2 more miles to go.

The water station was at the 1.5 marker. I slowed to a walk to drink my water, but got right back to my pace. I might have lost 5-10 seconds by walking, but hey, it's not the Olympics. For that matter, if it was the Olympic 5000 meters, there are no water stations.

I don't remember the time when I hit the 2 mile marker. I kept looking for the highway overpass after that point because my back started cramping. Not my lower back. The middle of my back and it was affecting my breathing. It was very uncomfortable. I tried to concentrate on a guy about 10 yards in front of me. It helped for a little. I tried concentrating on my arm swing to keep my pace from faltering.

Oddly enough, when I saw the overpass I gave out and stopped to walk. I tried stretching my middle back by raising my arms overhead it helped, so started running again. I must have walked for about 20 seconds. Not long, but enough to lose some ground. I made it about another quarter mile and I had to stop again. I did the same routine until I could breath comfortably. I ran at my pace the whole way into the finish line. I didn't have any juice left to kick at the end.

I just checked the Track Shack site for the race results and if I had run the same race as the Corporate 5k, I would have won a 2nd place in my age division. That's what makes small races fun. You actually have a shot at a ribbon.

I wanted to run this race to kick myself in the butt and after knowing that I could have placed, I think I'm going to get back into my running routine. I need to take it a little easier than before so I don't get hurt, though.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Running in the Heat

I knew it was hot when I went for my run on Wednesday, but I was not expecting how hard it was going to be to breathe and how how hot my core temperature was going to get.

I hadn't felt that in a while. It was in the 90s around 6:30pm and so humid that it felt like a running in a cloud.

My legs felt great and I planned on doing 4 miles. I ended up doing 3 miles. I felt like I needed ice in my chest and especially my head or I was going to explode. I stopped every half mile to drink some water, but it wasn't enough. I had to stop at 3.

As soon as I stopped, I get into some shade and then laid down on the concrete which seemed a little cool at that point. I was always told not to stop and lay down by my coaches in high school, but it just seems like the only thing that makes sense when my heart is pounding so hard.

Note: When it is over 90 degrees, wait until the sun goes down to run or just wait until the next morning. *

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Easy Run

I just read an article in Running Times by some guy McMillan that says one way that runners sabotage their training and either get hurt or just throw off their schedule is not taking an easy day as it should be taken.

He says that you need to take an easy day as easy and don't get caught up in racing someone or forget that it's an easy day because you feel good and want to prove something to yourself. Take the day and run easy according to your schedule and save the energy for your hard workout whether that be a fartlek, tempo, or long run.

So with that being said, I obviously had an Easy Run scheduled for today. Well, I didn't really have anything scheduled, but I am trying to get back in the groove of things after taking 2 months off and I wanted to run today. I knew I wanted to run, but I also knew that if I tried to run hard, I might get hurt since I'm a little out of shape.

Easy Run it is.

I started by doing 10 minutes on the treadmill at 5 mph, so 12 minute pace. It came out to just over .8 mile. Then, I did a quick set 3 x 10 on the bench press at 115 lbs. Followed that with 3 x 10 standing arm curls at 15 lbs. I figured this would tire me out just a little and it would keep me from running to hard. It worked. My legs weren't fatigued, but my arms and chest were.

I ran about 2.5 miles very easy. Probably about the same speed ~ 12 minute pace. It felt good the whole way.

Part of my run took me past the Orange County History Museum in downtown. There was some kind of "tailgate party" going on? No trucks to be seen, but there were vendors and people representing every major school in Florida that has a football team.

The reason I mention any of this is because Nike had a van there. It had a huge starting line that went on to infinity with young runners ready to start their lives. It said The Human Race and then I didn't see anyone passing anything out and I didn't see a Nike rep or tent anywhere. I wonder why Nike would send a rep out to primarily a drinking event? Oh wait, it probably has to do with the Madden 08 thing going on at Wall Street tonight starting at 10pm. That would make more sense. Kinda.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

At least I ran

It's been one week and five days since my last run and consequently my latest blog.

I'm still erratic, but I'm trying (in my mind at least). I started off with a half mile very slow jog. Waited around for about 3 or 4 minutes and then proceeded to run 3 miles. It went like this...

first half mile around 12 minute pace.
second half mile around 10 minute pace.
third half mile around 11 minute pace.
fourth half mile around 9 minute pace.
fifth half mile around 10 minute pace.
sixth and last half mile around 8 minute pace.

During the last half mile of my run, I really had to concentrate on pumping my arms. They started feeling tingly on the top parts of my forearms and they felt really heavy. I kept them going though, which kept my legs moving and I finished my 3 mile run strong.

I completed my run by doing a very slow half mile home for a cool down.

I feel great now. I need to get another run in before 12 days comes around again. This needs to become a habit again.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time to Start Over

It has been about 2 months since I last ran. I kept smoking and drinking heartily until about 2 weeks ago. I stopped cold turkey on the cigarettes and it gave me unbelievable stomach and intestinal pains. There were a couple of times that I doubled over due to the pain. It kept me up at night, too. Gotta love withdrawal.

Well, my calf doesn't hurt anymore and after reading my prior blogposts, I see that I was running through a nagging injury instead of rehabbing. I made the injury worse until I had too much pain to even walk fluidly. Not real smart on my part, huh?

Balance, Strength, Flexibility.

Last Sunday, I went to a yoga class for the first time ever. That was exhilarating to say the least. The teacher gave us the opportunity to sit out each stretch if it seemed too difficult and also gave three levels of each stretch. One for beginners (ME), one for mid-level, and one for the limber people.

At first, I thought it was going to be boring because she kept showing a basic movement. In retrospect, she was trying to show us that move, because we would be doing that between each pose. There was no rest. Fifteen minutes in... and I'm sweating my ass off.

The whole class was around an hour. After 40 minutes, I started to drift off, because I couldn't do all the movements either due to balance (standing on one foot) or flexibility (touching my nose to the floor with my legs split isn't happening.). I started to feel like I was falling behind.

At this point, I am trying a pose that has me sitting on one my bent legs (kinda like a cushion) and the other leg is bent upwards and pushed into my chest. Now, you reach around with one arm and try get around to your hip area. With the other arm, you try to reach around your back and grab that hand and hold on. You are now a pretzel. She called it something.

Anyway, I couldn't do it and she saw that I was really trying and I was very close. She comes around my back unbeknownst to me and gives me a little nudge. Voila! My fingers touch. A feel a part of the class again. I CAN DO THIS! I fingerlock with two fingers from each hand. My energy level immediately is back to when we started. I could feel a smile on my face.

We do a few more poses and end up with a laying post and doing breathing exercises by itself. I have to say that she pushed a breathing technique the enter class while we were doing poses and movements.

You know the high feeling you get after running? The endorphines that are masking the pain kick in and you feel a little numb and light headed. Yeah. This yoga gave me that same feeling except I didn't feel the pounding in my chest from running for an hour and my blood pressure was completely normal.

I am going to incorporate this class into my normal workout routine and I hope it helps maintain my body so I don't have as many injuries.

Back to my run...

I kept it slow for most of the run. Let's call it a jog, because I never got my heart really pumping that hard.

I ran a mile and a half nice and easy and it felt great. I took a small break (bathroom break) and then finished up another half mile. So I did two miles total and my legs felt good. My arms felt good. I tried to incorporate tucking my stomach muscles in tight like with yoga, but running really utilizes the diaphragm and stomach breathing. I don't think that method will work well until the end of a race and I'm sprinting.

The one thing that was uncomfortable was my feet. My toes felt like they were being squeezed together. I'm not sure why at this time. I was wearing the same running shoes that I had been using before I stopped two months ago. Nothing new or peculiar in my running form. Hopefully, it's not a new issue. I hope it is something that goes away. Perhaps a new pair of shoes are in order. We'll see.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Smoking During Downtime

OK. I attended the Florida Music Festival and Indie Film Jam and week and a half ago. I did some drinking. It was mandatory. The disturbing part is that people around me were smoking and that made me crave them while I was drinking. After a day in, I starting bumming ciggies.

Last day of the fest, I broke down and bought a pack. I figured what the heck. I'm already not going to be running since my calf hurts too much to run. Why not go all the way and have fun with drinking and smoking.

It's been another week and I'm still enjoying my cigarettes. My calf still hurts. I haven't even tried running on it. It hurts if I walk too much (anything more than a 1/4 mile or so). It's really getting annoying. I am going to lose all my progress over the past 6 months in a very short time. Oh well. Hopefully I don't lose more than a min/mile off my average training pace.

Only time will tell. I think I am going to finish off the pack of smokes I'm working on right now and call that quits. I need to start rehabbing my calf.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Calf Is Hurt and Needs Recovery

I hurt my calf to point that I have been limping. It hurts. I don't remember the exact day, but it's been about a week and I haven't run since. Sometimes I wake up and it feels really sore.

I am definitely not running this weekend over Memorial Day. Hopefully by next weekend it will feel better.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Running in the Heat

I have speedwork planned for today, but I am going to the Indie Film Jam tonight and won't have time to run after work. This means that I had to find another time to run. Lunch it is. says that it was 86 degrees. All I know is that it was blazing out there.

Smart Coach says to do mile warmup, 2 x 1600 @ 6:49 with 800 recovery and mile cooldown for a total of 5 miles.

I got the mile warmup and lots of water. Did the miles in 6:48 and 6:55, so I was close on both. On the first mile, I started off too fast. I hit the quarter at 1:30 and was supposed to be at 1:42, but evened out around 3:20 for the half and hit about as close as you can get for the mile. On the second mile, I was perfectly paced through all 3 laps, but struggled on the last lap. I felt like a dog in summer with my tongue out dragging on that last one. I had to nearly sprint for the last 100m to even break 7 minutes.

Finished off with a half recovery and skipped the mile cooldown. Total mileage: 4 miles.

I don't know how people run in the middle of the day. It was way too hot and it is only May and not even close to the humidity level of the summer here. That was a hard workout to make the times. I don't know how I am going to run 5 x 1600 @ 6:37 in 3 months. It's only around 10 seconds per mile, but the thought of 5 of them is intimidating right now.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Calf Hurts Again

I warmed up with half a mile going into an easy 3 miler. Not even a quarter mile into the main part of my workout and my left calf tweaks again. It was like a pull, but a real small amount. Enough pain to keep me from running the way I was, but not enough to completely stop me.

I tried stretching a little bit and that didn't help.

I had to change my running style. I usually run with the balls of my feet striking the ground first. I modified my running to land on my heels ever so slightly. Lowered my center of gravity a little and kept my feet moving very quickly so as not to land very hard. It kept the pain away and actually made me keep up a much faster pace than I wanted. Because of stopping for a minute to stretch out my calf, my first mile was 9:35. I was supposed to be doing 8:40s.

I tried to make up for it and got the next one in 7:00 (total - 16:35). Last mile was too fast as well. 7:10 (23:45)

This was supposed to be an easy run. After walking a little bit and sitting down at the computer, my calf is stiffening up. I will have to ice it down tomorrow and instead of any cross training, I will rest.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Red Wine and Running

It doesn't mix well. I'm not even talking about at the same time. I went to a movie premiere last night. Probably the best that Orlando has ever hosted. The movie was RoboDoc. I started drinking before I got there and didn't stop until a couple hours after the movie ended. Needless to say, I was wasted.

Hangover ensues the next morning. I ate a hearty breakfast and had some coffee. I almost felt OK by this early evening. So I go out for my regularly scheduled long run. That's when I could feel the difference.

It was very windy, so I ran on the treadmill. BORING, but yet very good for keeping pace. I was sluggish the entire run. My Smart Coach says to go 8:39 pace. I plugged in 1 hour when I started without doing the math and realized that I needed more time at that pace to finish. Part way through the run, I had to adjust my speed up. I ended up running the 7 miles in 59:46, so 8:32 pace.

My left calf started getting tight around the 5 mile mark, but went away after half a mile.

That was definitely a tough challenge, but shouldn't have been. Next time I go drinking and I have a run scheduled other than an Easy Run, I'm going to have to stop my intake at 3 or 4 glasses. It's so hard sometimes, though, once it hits your lips.

Total miles today: 7

Total for this week: 17.5 miles

Friday, May 9, 2008

I must be Committed

Not like that. I mean that I must be committed to this running thing. I just passed up happy hour, but I really was in the mood for a movie marathon to escape after a busy day at work.

What I do instead? I look at my training schedule and get my workout completed. On the schedule for today was 3 easy miles.

Let me start over by logging the past 2 workouts.

On Wednesday, which is Rest or Cross Training, I hit the gym and did 15 minutes on the bike keeping my pulse at 120. Did a quick weight routine on chest, back, biceps and abs. Finished off with another 15 minutes on the bike at 120 bpm.

Thursday is speed. I was supposed to do 5 miles. It was a tempo run with 3 miles at 7:13 pace with 1 mile warmup and cooldown included in the run.

I did this on the track to help keep pace. That part was good. I did my warmup mile and then hit the first mile at 7:18 (5 seconds slow) and then 7:09 on the second (4 seconds too fast). I had some serious grumblings at this point.

I recently watched the Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. One of Nicholson's lines stuck with me. He gives a quip of advice, "Never trust a fart." Keeping with that idea, I decides that it was time to leave the track and find the restroom.

I dropped a deuce.

Going back to all 4 years of running in high school, whenever I ran into this same problem, I never had a good session afterwards. Same case can be said for yesterday's workout.

I ran back to the track and tried to get back to the same pace. I did get my pace, but just gave up after one lap.

All said, I ran 3.5 miles (including running to the restroom).

Today's run was easy. 3 miles plus .5 warmup and .5 cooldown. 4 miles total.

Hopefully, I can still get home, eat dinner, and make a movie anyway. Perseverence persevered!!??

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Easy Run

It's amazing how much easier it is to keep your pace on a track. It is mundane, but it is what it is. The track is a tool for running.

I have been running faster than I am supposed to when I go out and run the streets or when doing laps around Lake Eola.

I was able to keep nearly perfect pace throughout my 3 miles run today. My pace was supposed to be 8:39 per mile. I ran the 3 miles in 26:02. That's only 5 seconds off pace for the entire 3 miles. That's awesome. I was able to speed up and slow down according to my times.

I figured that 8:40 miles breaks down into 4:20 halves, 2:10 quarters, and 1:05 220's.

I started out a little tight in my thighs due to yesterday's workout at the gym doing squats. Not as bad as last week, though.

I started with a mile warmup and cooled down by walking a mile. Total mileage running today: 4 miles.


Yesterday's Cross Training was the usual gym workout.

Delts, Thighs, Tris, and Abs. I stayed away from doing leg extensions and leg curls and stuck with the pure strength lifts. Squats of 135lbs - sets of 15, 12, 10. Leg press machine same thing with 2 45plates on each side. Last week, I couldn't do much with my triceps, because I worked them immediately after my delts. Since most shoulder work also uses your triceps, they were already taxed. This week, I separated the 2 groups by putting my leg routine in the middle. It worked out well in that my triceps weren't as fatigued and I was able to control the workout better and have a little more intensity.

Finished off with 20 minutes on a stationary bike. HR at 130 bpm for the entire session.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back from being sick

I've had a cold for a few days this past week. I think it is was due to stress and not enough rest. I was supposed to do speedwork on Wednesday, but my nose and throat were too thrashed. I called for a pizza from work, went home and ate as soon as it hit the door, and passed out. I slept from 7:30pm till 8:30am the next morning. Why take 2 aspirin when you can take 2 slices of pie?

Well, my respiratory system is close to 100%. I went out on my regularly schedule long run tonight. The calendar says 7 miles @ 8:39 pace. I haven't run in a few days, heck, nearly a week. I felt great and I probobly could have done another 2-3 miles at the same pace.

Take into consideration a warmup and cooldown of 1/2 mile each, I actually got 8 miles logged.

My time was 54:50, which is exactly 7:50 pace. 49 Seconds per mile too fast. Oh well. I wasn't pushing myself hard, which is really weird, because I only managed to go 35 seconds per mile faster on my 5K race. You would think that I would be able to get under 7 minute pace on 3 miles with relative ease.

Next run is Tuesday. Tomorrow is rest or cross training.

Miles this week: 13

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Smart Coach Revision

My Smart Coach workout was supposed to be 2 easy miles at 9:13 pace. All the speedwork throughout this 16 week session is what I am already running and sometimes slower, so I put a time of 21 minutes into the little form and my times went down. That is my goal time afterall.

Back to today's workout. It changed the pace to 8:39 miles. I tried and ended up with 8:25 miles.

I usually don't do this, but I stretched before I ran. My legs were very sore from doing squats yesterday and I needed to loosen up a bit.

After getting my blood moving, my legs are still sore, but not nearly as bad.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sometimes you have to listen to your body

My training schedule says to either take a rest day or cross train. I think that I need to mix it up with both. I start off with 3 miles on the treadmill at 10 minute pace. My calf hurt a little. Not the gastrocnemius, but the inner muscle, the Soleus. Usually any pain or cramps are in the ball of my calf. This hurt like my bone.

It went away though after a few minutes of jogging, so I let it go.

I then started my regular cross training workout. I did the following:

dumbbell overhead presses (3 sets)
straight arm lifts to the side (3 sets)
leaning ?butterflies? (3 sets) not sure what you call it, but it works your posterior deltoid

overhead 2 handed tricep extensions (3 sets) with curl bar
leaning tricep extensions (3 alternating sets)
2 handed tricep extensions (3 sets) using rope and pull down machine

squats (3 sets)
hamstring curls (3 sets)
quad extensions (3 sets)

inclined situps (3 sets)
captains chair (3 sets)
windmills with weighted bar (3 sets)

I was fine with all of this. Then, when I started my cool down, I went back to the treadmill with the intention of doing 2 more miles. My leg hurt so much that I had to stop and couldn't even get a quarter mile completed. I went to a cycling machine that didn't give the same impact, but all the cardio I needed to get much needed oxygen to my legs.

I never should have even tried to run for my cooldown. Lesson learned. If hurts, don't push it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Long Run

After having a successful race on Thursday, I have set my sights on my next race. It is... drum roll please...

The Celebration of Running 5K on August 17th at the Orlando Science Center. I ran it 2 years ago. Well, I started off nearly walking. I was still nursing a pulled hamstring that wasn't letting me open up my stride or push off. It was a primarily flat course with a slight downhill around 3/4 to go which is immediately followed by an uphill and a turn leading into the final stretch. Part of the straightaway sprint is at a grade as well, but it is nice and long so you can get a good kick going.

I am going to try to stick to a training regimen. I have been winging it the past few months. I just plugged in the numbers on's Smart Coach (link to the right -->). According to the schedule, I needed to run 7 miles today at a 9:13 pace which comes out to 1h 4m 30s.

I ran 7 miles at the slowest comfortable speed I could. I ran a little faster than I was supposed to, but I finished my 7 miles and never became out of breathe. It was very warm (84 degrees), sunny, and slightly humid and I had to stop every mile for water.

My time was 57m 2s, so my actual pace was 8:09. Tomorrow's schedule shows rest or cross training followed by an easy 2 mile run on Tuesday, so I will probably do squats, shoulders, and triceps work tomorrow in the gym.

Light Weight Workout

I had to take Kim to the airport this morning and didn't get much sleep last night, so I took a nap in the early afternoon. I wanted to wake up to catch the middle of the NFL Draft and I completely missed it. Regardless, the Cowboys picked up some decent picks especially cornerback. We'll see how that works out come season.

The nap helped me from feeling like a zombie, but I still didn't wake up with much energy. I just got back from the gym after a light workout. I jogged 1 mile on the treadmill for a warmup and did a quick workout.

3 x 12/10/8 bench press @ 115 lbs
3 x 12/10/8 lat pulldown @ 90 lbs
3 x 12/10/8 alternating biceps curls @ 20 lbs
3 x 12 calf raises - not sure of weight

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

IOA Corporate 5k

My official goal was to beat my time last year, so I wanted to get under 24 minutes. In my heart and in my mind, I had a goal of sub 23 minutes. I got both!!!

I ran 22:27. I learned my lesson from all the years past. Stop trying to be generous and considerate by going back in the line to where I think my pace would place me. I was at the starting line and only about 3 people deep. I was actually a full stride over the starting line, but this race is hardly keeping official time. No chips or anything like that. There were over 10,000 in the field with a lot of walkers. As a matter of fact, even though I was at the front of the field, there were people walking after 250m into the race. There is no reason for these people to be anywhere near the front.

There was one stretch with a lot of sun in your face, but the wind was to your back. That's an even trade.


I started out very comfortable and just a bit off my training pace (7:30). My first mile was 7:14. I stopped at the first water break. Literally, I stopped and drank my water. I wanted to make sure that I got it down without spilling it all over myself and of course get most of the water in my mouth. That is the point after all.

Second mile time was 14:37, so my second split was 7:23. Considering I stopped for about 10 seconds, that's good. I was really keeping good pace.

Most of the last mile was pretty tough for me. I skipped the mile 2 water stop in hopes of keeping a good time. I'm not sure if it was dehydration or just the faster pace, but I started cramping with half a mile to go. I wanted to stop and just give up, but I could see the Citrus Bowl and knew that I was close.

I didn't even look at the clock when I hit the actual 3 mile split, but according to the math keeping things even, I had to have run around a 7:05 last mile.

My pace was 7:14 according to the calculator. Crazy considering that was what my first mile split was.

I about keeled over from the pain in my right side by the time I got to the line. I was hurting, but I was able to push through it.


This is my new over 30 PR. I took over a minute and a half off my 5k time from last year. Let's see if I can shave off another minute and a half for next year. I think I will run a little more outside this season, but I will start doing more lifting and speedwork now that I am past my target race. My next goal is to get under 20 minutes even if it takes me a year to do.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I think I'm ready for the 5K

The Insurance Office of America Corporate 5K is 2 days away.

I think I'm ready. I just ran a 5 miler in 37:02 taking a 15 second water stop and two 30 second water stops. That's a pace of 7:24 per mile. I ran from just before 8pm to around 8:30pm. The race is at 6:45pm, so the sun will still be up and it may be a little warmer. It was nice and cool for this run, though.

If I can match that pace, that puts my 5k time at 23:06 and my goal is to beat 23:00. I would literally have to shave off 2 seconds per mile. I can sprint that difference in the last 440.

I plan on having a large pasta meal on Wednesday evening to prep. Large breakfast on Thursday morning, decent sized lunch, and a snack bar for a snack in the afternoon to keep my blood sugar leveled and not spiked prior to the run.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sara Hall New York Times Inspired Run

Thursday, April 17th, the New York Times ran an article on Sara Hall regarding her training regimen. A friend and co-worker sent me the article interoffice and I got inspired to do some speed work. Check out the link, there is short video that goes along with the article that I didn't even know was available until I did a search to link this up.

My workout that afternoon consisted of:

2 mile warmup
3 miles on the track
1.5 mile cooldown

The 3 miles was broken down into 4 sets of 440 yds with 220 yds recovery; 4 sets of 220 yds with 440 yds recovery.

The times were as follows:
440's: 1:19, 1:17, 1:15, 1:17
220's: 35, 35, 36, 34

Of note...
If I could put all the 440s together, I would run a 5:08 mile. If I could put all the 220s together and continue on the pace through a mile, it would be a 4:40 mile.

Especially when I was running the 220s, I could feel the extra fat hanging and being slung around at my abs, glutes and hamstrings. I need to work a little more on my arm strength, particularly my biceps. I felt my arms starting to tighten up towards the end of my workout.

To say the least, I was sore the next 2 days from my abs down. I also felt very weak on Friday and still sluggish on Saturday.

*** Only a few days to my 5K. ***

Yesterday (Sunday), I ran up to Lake Ivanhoe (the central portion and the eastern portion of the lake), did 2 laps and then ran back. I gmap'd the run and it was 7 miles. I wanted to do 8 miles for my workout, but 7 was good. I didn't realize it was a mile to the lake, because I thought I was going to do 3 laps of Lake Ivanhoe, but they are 2.5 miles each lap. I would have done 9.5 and that would have been too much. I wanted to keep an average pace of 8:30 per mile for the entire run. I chose not to warmup and started out a little slow. I was definitely on pace much of the run. I may have gone a little faster on miles 4 and 5. I started feeling tired on mile 6 and 7 and had to concentrate on pumping my arms to keep pace. I had to stop twice for traffic stops/crossing Colonial Drive, so that may have altered my time slightly. How much I'm not sure. I ran the 7 miles in 61 minutes. That is a pace of 8:43. Exactly 1:30 behind pace. I don't think I stopped at the lights that long. Maybe a combined total of 30 seconds. Not bad considering I had no mile markers to calculate my pace as I ran. Using the treadmill is definitely good for judging your pace.

Speaking of pace, I am going to add a couple links to some tools I used. One is the Gmap Pedometer, which allows you to map out a course and it tells you how far you have run. The closer you zoom in, the more accurate it is. The second tool is a pace calculator. You can put your mileage and time into the program and it will calculate your average pace. You can put any 2 of the items into the program and it will give you the third.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breakfast or coffee?

Got a few updates...

On Friday, I ran an old course near an old apartment. It is 3/4 of a mile from my current home, so there and back gave me 1.5, plus I ran around an extra couple of blocks to give me another quarter mile on the way home... so 1.75 in addition to the course. The course I ran is taking the streets closest to Lake Highland, which happens to be 1.3 miles and includes a few ascents and descents in a neighborhood. I did 3 laps which is about 4 miles and got thirsty and since the nearby school's gate was open for a swim meet, I ran by their track and used a water fountain, which gave me another 1/4 mile. All in all, I ran about 6 miles. I was sluggish going in and thought that maybe my energy level would pick up as I got going, but it didn't happen. I got my mileage, though.

Saturday and Sunday were busy with film industry related endeavors, thus, I did not run.

Monday, I got on the treadmill after work. Since all of the treadmills were taken when I got there, I had to start off with an eliptical style machine. I don't like them, but I had to do something. It said that I did one mile when a treadmill opened up. I immediately moved up a row and got started. I thought to myself, "Hey, you just did a good hill workout the other day. Try another one." I put the machine on Alpine Pass not knowing what is in store for me. I put the incline at 6 and the max speed at 10mph. One of the two was too much. I did a mile, which took me to the peak of one of the virtual mountains and puttered out. Hit stop and put it on 5k. I wanted to keep a decent pace, but I just winded myself, so it wasn't in the cards. I held up an 8:30 pace, but struggled the entire time. I didn't eat breakfast. Does that affect an afternoon run?

Tuesday, today. I went to the gym in the late afternoon / early evening. I thought to myself that I would run 5 miles. I put a 4 in the first digit for the amount of time and thought... hmmm... make it a 45 minute run and go for 6 miles at 7:30 pace or put in 40 minutes and do 5 miles at 8 minute pace. 45 minutes it is. I started out at 8:00 minute pace for the first 2 miles. Took it down to 7:30 pace for the next 2 miles. Now, I know at that point that I need to go 7:00 minute pace for 2 miles to make my mark. I kept it at 7:30 pace for another mile and knew that I would have to really kick it up the last mile since I had to make up a full minute. 7:30 for the first quarter and then I gradually started picking up the pace until I was in the high 5 range for the last lap. I couldn't hold it all the way around and eased up the last 100 yards. I ended up at 5.97 miles in 45 minutes. Calculator tells me that I ran 7:32 pace average. So close. That has definitely been the best running I have done in weeks.

Now, I ate breakfast today which I haven't done in a week or so and I drank a coffee around 6pm. I started running around 7:30, so the coffee definitely kicked in by that time. I can really tell because I was dehydrated more than normal and my energy was up. So was it the breakfast or the late afternoon coffee?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fartlek to Prodigy

After losing my iPod, this has been the first workout with a music player that I have had in months. I planned on doing 5 miles which came to pass. I also planned on doing negative splits starting around 9 minute miles and ending up around 7 minute pace.

So... Prodigy is what I loaded up on the mp3 player and I started OK, but next thing you know it turned into a Fartlek run. If you aren't familiar, a fartlek run is when you go varying speeds for varying distances. Its a great workout for your stamina. First time I ever heard of a fartlek was freshman year in high school and my track coach, Mr Hirn or Hern (don't remember the spelling) told us about it. We learned to hate the term. At the time our school didn't have a track yet, so we used to snake our way through the school's parking lot. He would blow his whistle and we would go all out and then he would blow his whistle and we would go half speed and we would continue this routine until he said to stop.

Tonight, there were a few bursts of speed where I got down to 6 minute pace, perhaps a little faster, and held it for about half mile or so. Great workout even though it wasn't what my original was.

Slow Down the Treadmill

The last time I ran was on Thursday. I did a 5k on the treadmill, but went slow this time. I did the 3.1 miles in 28 minutes. I followed it up with a very quick circuit workout. I just had to log in some miles. Since then, I have been too busy to run. Covering the Florida Film Festival has taken much of my free time and then correcting the photos for the site. I have a lot on my plate starting tonight through Sunday afternoon, so I probably won't be able to run until then... unless I run in the morning. I hate running in the morning. Always have. It's not gonna happen.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Legs Hurt - Not Enough Rest

Tuesday, I ran to Circuit City and part of the way back. 2 miles.

Wednesday evening, I ran around the outer sidewalk of Lake Eola Park. 4 times... that's 5 miles in 38:03. That ends up being 7:37 per mile. I was going for 8 minute pace.

The run felt great and it was much needed after a stressful day. I had some friends up from Miami and didn't eat until after midnight. I ran around 7 - 8pm. I didn't get to sleep until after 2am and didn't get enough sleep/rest/recovery. My legs are sore like I hadn't run in a month.

This really shows how important rest is.

Monday, March 31, 2008


Sunday, March 30th
.25 mile warmup
3.1 miles on the treadmill (23:30)
.25 mile cooldown

So last week's total was only 10.75. That's pretty low and I definitely feel it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Running in Jeans is NOT Recommended

I got in 5 miles last night. 1.5 of which was run, while most part was walking. I was wearing jeans and dress shoes. I don't recommend this as my feet were killing me. The soles are not made to absorb much shock. My feet were sore, but also burning from the friction. Well, at least I ran and walked off a couple beers worth of calories.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

basic workout

Started off with the intention to do 7 miles. Then, I thought 5 - 7 miles.

Ended up with 5.25.

.5 mile warmup

3.25 on the treadmill (5k portion in 23:53 - last half mile at 6:00 pace)
1.6 on the treadmill

quick circuit training on the weights - light weights - 3x10 on all major muscle groups

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easy Run on Easter

There were lots of people out at Lake Eola this afternoon. Lots of purple and yellow dresses and shirts. Lots of picnic baskets.

Needless to say, I ran on the outside sidewalk of the park where there were less crowds. I only had one space cadet walking in front of me that didn't notice someone running directly at them until I yelled, "HEY," at the top my lungs about 2 seconds before impact. She gives out an, "Oh," and moves over to the middle of the sidewalk.

I just can't stand that people are so unaccustomed to walking in Orlando that they take up the entire sidewalk regardless of how many people are trying to use it.

Rant over. It was a great afternoon. Temp must have been around 75 degrees. Sunny with a nice breeze.

I did a quarter mile warmup. 3 laps around the outside sidewalk = 3.75 miles. I did negative splits. Not sure about the times, because I didn't run with a watch today. I intended on doing this run completely easy and couldn't help but start running faster as I went along. I was probably doing about 7 minute pace by the last mile.

Total workout :: 4 miles

Weekly mileage ending on Saturday :: 15.5 miles

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just Treading

I feel like I'm about to go backwards. I hate losing momentum and it always seems when I start to make progress that I expect results at a certain pace. Diminished returns is what I get. Sometimes, I just have to slow down and stay focused on the long term goal.

Thursday - The Treadmill

I started off very slow for a half mile. I then set the machine for 30 minutes and a speed of 7:30 minute miles (8 mph). Seemed feasible, but I managed to get 3.35 miles complete before I just didn't feel like fighting anymore. I had 5 minutes to go. Just 2 a half laps and I pulled a Titanic.

I gave up. Slowly falling into the abyss of failure. Since I was at the gym, I retreated to the weights. Wasting no time, I went through bench press, lat pulls, leg curls, quad extensions, calf lifts, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and situps in about 15-20 minutes. Not much weight on each exercise. 3 sets of 10 reps each. Great workout.

Oddly enough, that got my energy up and my confidence back. I've got more in the tank. I am more. I'm gonna do more.

So I headed off to the empty aerobics workout room and did 3 sets of 30 second high knees. Holding my forearms at 90 degrees, I kicked my arms with my thigh/knees. This is the hardest form of running in place. It's good for speed and form. 20 seconds into each set was OK, but the last 10 seconds really hurt. I was bent over trying to catch my breath after each one.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I ran 2.5 miles today in the afternoon (with jeans). That was not fun, but necessary at the time.

When I got home, I changed into my running gear and set off to the track for some speedwork. I got a mile warmup in there first.

I've found that to get the most out of speedwork and running in general, keeping pace is the most important thing on which to concentrate. I wanted to do 4 x 880s. Well, in the past week, I've run 7 minute miles and consistent 7:30 and 8 minute miles on the treadmill in succession.

My goal for the 880s was to run at 7minute pace, so 3:30s. That should be easy considering I ran 7min in the middle of a run without killing myself tyring to do it.

1 - 3:29
2 - 3:34
3 - 3:33
4 - 3:16 (ran as fast I could without any sprinting or overstriding)

I am really trying to work on keeping my form and not overstriding. With that in mind, I had the 3:30 half / 1:45 quarter time set in mind. Last year when I was doing my speedwork, I elongated my stride anytime I needed to pick up the pace and it hurt my knees every time. I have been able to keep down the level of pain by keeping my foot in line with my knee on foot strike and increase my turnover to increase speed. It's working. I have to maintain constant mental control due to my naturnal instinct to stride out and almost float while running. That's more comfortable for me during the run, but more painly afterwards.

Anyway, I did the 4 x 880s with a 440 recovery on each. Also did 1 mile cooldown.

5 miles during the workout, plus the 2.5 earlier in the day.
7.5 total all day.


I really want to get back under the 6 minute mile mark.
1:30 - 1:30
1:30 - 3:00
1:30 - 4:30
1:30 - 6:00

I think I will need to be able to run 1:15s when I do my 440 speed work. Since I am at the 1:30 mark now, I will try 1:25 on the next workout, 1:20 after that, and then 1:15. This will probably take me a few months to reach.

Monday, March 17, 2008

weekend running

Saturday... don't have much to tell. I ran 6 miles with mile #3 clocked in at 6:59. I was trying to get a feel for my pace, so I timed one of them. I didn't think I was pushing myself too hard, but apparently I must have been. I probably kicked it up without even realizing just because I knew I was timing myself. The reason I even left the house was to get quarters for the laundry machine, so my last mile home was hampered by the annoying weight of a roll of quarters. All the running was done to Lake Eola, around it a few times, and then to the store and back home.

6 miles - 28 miles for the week

Sunday... warmed up with a mile and then hit the gym for some treadmill work. I intended on doing 8 miles at 7:30 pace, but I just didn't have the energy for it. I ended up doing 2 miles. The first mile in 9 minutes and the second at 7:30. I knew I would have to pick up the pace to 7:15 for the remainder or three 7:00 miles. I gave up mentally so I didn't even try. Running... the thinking man's sport. I just beat myself.

3 miles total

It's Monday night and I had class today (which I will be attending all week) and it just drained me. Work normally drains me, but that's a pattern that I am used to, so it doesn't have the same effect. I'm not running tonight, plus it's St. Patrick's Day and I'm drinking a beer and eating my corned beef and cabbage. Thanks Kim. You know I love the stuff.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Leg Rote

I am starting to see more definition in my legs. I'm not ripped, but I've definitely made some progress.

I ran yesterday and had a great workout. Today, I wasn't sure if I wanted to rest so that I could get 2 days off or if I should extend to 3 days in a row. Well, I ran, but I took it easy. The reason for running today was to just run. Plain and simple. Not too hard. I didn't want to break myself down. The only way to make myself a runner is to continue running. It's just like when you learn something. If your muscles can remember like your brain, then I have to commit 3 miles to rote memory in my legs.

Wednesday's workout

.5 mile warmup outside jog to the gym
5k at 8:00 min miles - right on the edge of anaerobic threshold
10 minute break (had to drop a duece)
5k at 7:30 min miles - definitely anaerobic
1.0 mile cooldown and .5 mile walk

No new blisters. Wore 2 socks per Ron's recommendation.
I was using the 2 in 2 out breathing technique for the whole first 5k at 8 minute pace. I tried to keep that technique for the second 5k, but had a hard time breathing for the last mile. I really had to focus on my foot strikes to minimize friction and just to keep going. The last half mile was 1 in 1 out breathing and very heavy and forced. Felt good to keep up the pace and finished just under 23 minutes.

Total mileage: 7.5 miles running; 8 miles running/walking

Thursday workout

.5 mile warmup
3 miles easy - 3 laps around inner circle of Lake Eola
.5 mile cooldown

Total mileage: 4 miles

22 miles so far this week. I will take off tomorrow (Friday), but I can add to my weekly total on Saturday.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Taking some advice (bruised toe)

I tried taking advice from a couple people. I was complaining at work about how sore my body is and someone tells me that the best thing is to go out and run. OK. Did that today.

I also showed my blisters to a different co-worker and he tells me to try using 2 socks instead of one. I told him that I got the bloody blister that way and that it wouldn't help. I told him that it made my shoes too tight because after running for awhile, my feet swell. That's normal when running. He then said to try loosing the laces when I feel like I'm at that point in my run. I tried that today and it helped. I didn't get any new blisters.

I do have a new problem, though. My second toe (long toe for me) was too cramped and instead of just getting a blister on top, I actually bruised my toe. The toenail is starting to turn a purple underneath...

bruised toe

The Workout
2.5 mile warmup with last mile in 6:21

4 x 440 trying to do 1:30s to be a 6 minute mile pace
- 1:26, 1:27, 1:27, 1:29 (Yay, successful)
2 x 100 high knee striders - 100 recovery
2 x 100 kick butt striders - 100 recovery

.5 mile cooldown

total mileage:: 4.5 miles

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Body Is Sore

Great weekend. Air was crisp with low humidity, which is a blessing in Florida with temps very cool.

On Saturday, I ran a half mile to the gym for a warmup. I wanted to get a decent amount of miles logged and not overwork myself. I put the pace at 8:30 miles. Did that for 30 minutes, so that was 3.5. Took a quick 1 minute break to get some water. Did another 30 minutes at the same pace, so I got 7 miles for my workout.

I was good there and probably shouldn't have tried any weight work, but heck, I did. I did light weights at high reps.

inclined bench press 45 lbs (just the bar) x 70 reps
dumbbell curls 15 lbs x 30 reps
moderate incline situps (probably around 20 degrees) x 50 reps

Finished up with a half mile jog home.

8 miles total running for the day (including warmup and cooldown)
I also walked a mile in the morning, so 9 miles of exercise all day.


Sunday, walked to Publix and back carrying 20 lbs on the way home. 1.5 miles.

It was such a nice day, so instead of resting after yesterday's long run, I decided to run 4 laps around Lake Eola on the outside. That's 5 miles plus my half mile warmup and cooldown each which brings my daily total to 6 miles running and 7.5 miles total exercise.

I also went to the gym and did 50 reps of 45 lbs on the flat bench press. 50 reps of 10 lbs alternating biceps curls. 30 inclined setups.

As a side note, I have lost about 5 pounds in the last week or two. I've gone from 175 to 170. I even dipped under 170 for one day to 169.


My feet were blistered like crazy after Sunday's run. I would have taken pictures as proof, but by this morning, the blisters have either gone away (weird) or hardened up and turned into callus already.

My chest is sore from the bench presses. My biceps are sore from the curls. My feet, thighs and butt are sore from the mileage without a rest.

I woke up and popped a couple Bayer aspirin and it really hasn't helped much.

I think I'm going to take tonight off from running. I might just do a walk and that's it. Next time, I will have to separate workout days.

Friday, March 7, 2008

How to Run in the Rain

It was raining twice this week when I wanted to run.

I made a short run the first day. Did a quick lap around Lake Eola and off to Publix for some groceries. Walked back. That ended up being only a 2 mile run, but the storm clouds were getting real close.

Last night, it rained for hours. I was getting claustrophobic. I just had to get out, so I suited up and ran to the gym. It's a half mile, so that gave me a good warmup jog.

I did a 5k on the treadmill. 8:00 on the first mile. 15:30 (7:30) on the second and the last mile must have been around 7:00 minutes or just under, because I finished at 23:03. I wonder if I can keep that up on the road. It's a little easier to run on a treadmill, because you don't have to push off the same way when doing regular running on the roads or track. Even if I add 30 seconds to my time, I am under the 24 minutes I wanted to achieve by the end of April.

I am definitely ahead of schedule. If I keep up this pace, I wonder if I can get under 22 by race time.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Keeping Good Pace (blister)

I ran twice since last log in. I surprisingly had a great workout on the treadmill on Thursday afternoon. It was cold for Orlando when I went outside. It was low 50s. I decided I'd rather use the gym.

I usually set the thing on manual and see what happens. What's this 5k Loop button about? I tried it. Started around 12 minute pace. Slowly worked up to 9 minute pace by 1 mile. Did the entire 2nd mile at 8 minute pace and by the end of the 5k, I was running around 6 minute pace. Held that speed for the last half mile. Both of my hamstrings were sore, especially my right side. I completed the 5k in just under 25 minutes.

I went over to one of the mats and stretched my lower back, quads, groin, and paid special attention to my hamstrings.

I could have given up there, but decided I needed to do a cooldown run. That started out to be 10 minute pace on the 5k. That led to 7:30 pace on the 2nd mile and then 7 minute pace to clean up the 5k just in around 25:30.

I felt like I got a blister on the bottom of my right foot, but lo and behold, there was a good one on my left foot. It was of the bloody variety. Here it is on Sunday after it has drained a little.

(left foot)

On Saturday, I went out for a few laps around Lake Eola. The weather was perfect. Sunny afternoon without a cloud in the sky. The Oak were pollinating a little, so that wasn't so good afterward, but it was nice. I did 4 miles even in 37 minutes. Didn't try pushing myself since my hamstrings were still sore from the 6 mile run on Thursday.

Here a couple more smaller "normal" size blisters...

(left foot)

(right foot)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

5 miler

I started from my place at an average pace. It's about a quarter mile from Lake Eola. I hate stretching before running, so I got on with it as soon as I hit the lake. My goal was to do 4 to 5 miles. It's 1.25 miles around the outside sidewalk.

First lap was a piece of cake. I used the rhythm breathing technique again. I think I will continue to do so... at least until I don't even realize I'm doing it anymore. When it's natural, I'll know that I am where I need to be.

I was perusing some running forums the other day and someone was complaining about knee pain. I get knee pain quite frequently when I am doing my speed work. For instance, last week when I did the quarters on the track, my knees started hurting on the last 2 laps when I was getting tired and I started to stride out. Anyway, one piece of advice said to take smaller strides more frequently. This makes for less pounding on the joints.

This was going to be the new thing that I do. Small quicker strides. This also takes me back to some of my high school running. I don't remember if it was my junior or senior year of cross country, but I was taken back by this much shorter fellow passing me before the one mile mark. He had an Osceola jersey and I usually recognized their runners. Who was this guy? He ends up being a freshman and not only that, he's their best runner. His name was Mike something or other and he ran like that. Quick feet. Not a lot of air time.

I did this stride technique and the breathing technique together and the second lap was even easier than the first. My third lap, I could feel my core temp going up and I had to stop for some water. I was really sweating profusely now. One more to go.

During the last lap, I could feel myself getting tired. My arms and my legs. I caught myself starting to go back to my old style of taking long strides and kind of floating between steps. It's easier, but it hurts the knees. I said to myself, "pump your arms, pump your arms," so I did. I lowered my arms and pumped them a little harder and my legs went right along with them. Next thing you know, I've finished up my 4 outside laps and run home.

Total mileage: 5.5 miles
Time: 46 minutes 10 seconds
Average pace: 8:24

I know I started off slow, so I probably was closer to 8 minutes for most of the run. I need more longer runs and more speed work. I just got back into this, so I have to be patient. The corp 5k is at the end of April, so I have plenty of time. An 8:24 pace for 5k would come out to 26:02 and an 8:00 pace would come out to 24:48. Last year, I ran 24:17 at the Autumn Rock n Run 5k. Far cry from my PR of 17:02, but that was another life. Since starting over, the 24:17 is my new 5k PB. I ran around the 24 minute mark on the corporate 5k last year, but those times aren't kept and I don't remember my exact time.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Kim and I wanted to eat pizza. We were both feeling lazy and didn't feel like cooking anything. Isn't pizza always the answer?

We know that Papa John's is running a special. The catch is that it's carry out only. To not feel completely appathetic, we decided to walk to the pizza shop.

The walk didn't take too long and it was exactly 1.5 miles. We got some drinks at the Circle K around the corner and our pizza was ready in just a few minutes. On the way, there is a park and we stopped and sat down on a bench where we ate a few slices. We had already burned off a slice's worth of calories and had to walk almost a mile home.

All in all, we walked 3 miles on our trip.

It reminds me of the runs I used to do when I was 14 to 15 years old. Two of my friends and cross country teammates, Chris and Ray, used to do the run with me.

It would start off with one of us leaving home and running to another person's house and meetup at the third person's house or a designated equidistant spot along our way to the local mini mart, which was the Farm Store in front of BVL. When we got to the Farm Store, we would each get a Gatorade. We'd slug some of it down and start walking back. Part of the trip, we'd run.

It was our reward and it makes exercise go down a lot easier.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Week 2

So this is the second week of my training regimen and blisters are showing up like Mormons at my door. I didn't ask for them, but here they are nevertheless.

Weather (rain) has kept me from doing some running at the beginning of the week.

2/133 miles at 8:00 pace
4 x 220 with 220 recovery
.5 mile cool down
2/143 mile run
2/153 miles - all walking
beer, wings, quesadillas and CRAWFISH!!! Yay!!!
2/163 miles
2/172 miles (I ran hard, but didn't have any juice. Here's a lesson for the fellas... don't run after having sex. Like I said... I didn't have any juice.)
2/183 miles in around 22 minutes
1 mile cool down
1.5 mile walk later that night

On the last run, I used a breathing technique that I utilized back in my running prime (high school). A co-worker mentioned the technique to me during the day and I tried it out. I completely forgot about it and it made a world of difference.

Here's how it works.

Instead of just breathing, you use a cadence in your breathing that corresponds to your foot strike and toe off. It seems to take your attention off the pain in your knees and ankles (until you get numb anyway... gotta love endorphines).

I started off doing 2 in breaths to 3 out breaths. That seemed to work for my first mile, which I ran a little around 7:30 with no struggle whatsoever. The second mile, I picked up the pace a little as I got more comfortable and I adjusted my breathing to 2 in and 2 out breaths. Got the second clocked in around 7:00. The third mile, I tried to keep the pace, but even as I tried, I slowed down. I lost control of my breathing technique. I labored in my breathing and my pace fell off. Regardless, I haven't been comfortable running that pace in some time. In addition to keeping your mind occupied, this technique seems to keep your abdominal muscles taut, which in turn keeps you from jostling your torso around as your legs are churning the pavement.

Props to Josh for the tip!

Friday, February 8, 2008


I smoked my last cigarette on Friday, January 4th. Oddly enough I stopped before happy hour. That was hard. Smoking during the day and then not having one while eating wings and drinking beers.

I didn't do any running for the whole month of January. I wanted to have a transition time; not wanting to completely shock my system.

I started doing an American Heart Association program through work called START! They are trying to get people up and out walking. I asked if my running would count and they are mostly concerned with getting people that are inactive becoming active people.

So here's my running tally the past few days:

2/3/082 miles: alternating 1/4 in 1:30 and 1/4 in 3:00
Walked 2 miles
2/4/084 miles all close to 8 min pace
Walked 2 miles
2/5/08Rest: Walked 2 miles
2/6/083 miles at 8 min pace
(2 miles) 17 x 100 yds (race pace) with 100 yd recovery
2/7/082 miles at 8 min pace
1 mile in 6:45
1 mile cooldown
Walked 2.25 miles later in evening
2/8/08Rest: Biked 2 miles

Tonight I am taking off from running. My legs are sore especially my calves. Wings and beer demand special attention and tonight, they will get what they need.