Monday, April 15, 2013

Corporate 5k This Week

It's been awhile since posting, but it is that time of year again for the annual Corporate 5k in downtown Orlando.  I have run a few times in the past 2 weeks with my longest run being 5 and a half miles.

I have got to get into a rhythm and just promise myself that running will be a part of my life again.  It seems really hard to stay committed and create a habit of exercising.  I don't know why.  Running and any kind of outdoor activity used to be a standard in my life.  Whether it was playing games as a kid or running track and cross country in high school to running up and down the basketball court, running of some kind has been a staple.

I have given in to easy excuses the past 2 years.  Sure, health issues were a part of it at the beginning, but now it is purely mental. I put on 20 pounds in the past 2 years.  I was 170 pounds and topped out recently at 190.  I have been increasingly conscious of what I drink the past couple weeks, haven't really altered my food intake, and increased my activity through running, biking, and swimming.  When I weighed myself this morning, the scale read 186.6, so that is some improvement.  I would like to get back to 170, where I was 2 years ago, and eventually get down to 160.  I think that would be comfortable on my bones.

I'm not going to go crazy and do any crash dieting and working out 3 times a day, though.  The exact weight isn't what's important.  I'll know when I get there.  What feels comfortable, fast, and strong (for a forty year old) will be the mark.

On another note, today was a the Boston Marathon.  While I was at work, I had numerous people tell me there was a terrible explosion that took a couple lives and injured many more.  I am not a religious person, so I won't talk of prayer.  I don't know who would do something like this.  My first thought is that someone was trying for years to BQ (Boston qualify) and just couldn't make it, but came close year after year to the point of insanity.  Then there is the possibility that someone running the route owed a debt to someone.  Now, someone is swimmin' with the fishes.

Thank goodness, we don't live in the Middle Ages.  Wait!  That was some pretty medieval shit!  I don't know, people, kids have to deal with this type of thing every day in Baghdad. We're just used to peaceful living in Mayberry USA.  Either way, this is just fucked up!

I hope the rest of the wounded make it out of the hospital and can get back to what they love one day soon... running.