Monday, April 28, 2008

Sometimes you have to listen to your body

My training schedule says to either take a rest day or cross train. I think that I need to mix it up with both. I start off with 3 miles on the treadmill at 10 minute pace. My calf hurt a little. Not the gastrocnemius, but the inner muscle, the Soleus. Usually any pain or cramps are in the ball of my calf. This hurt like my bone.

It went away though after a few minutes of jogging, so I let it go.

I then started my regular cross training workout. I did the following:

dumbbell overhead presses (3 sets)
straight arm lifts to the side (3 sets)
leaning ?butterflies? (3 sets) not sure what you call it, but it works your posterior deltoid

overhead 2 handed tricep extensions (3 sets) with curl bar
leaning tricep extensions (3 alternating sets)
2 handed tricep extensions (3 sets) using rope and pull down machine

squats (3 sets)
hamstring curls (3 sets)
quad extensions (3 sets)

inclined situps (3 sets)
captains chair (3 sets)
windmills with weighted bar (3 sets)

I was fine with all of this. Then, when I started my cool down, I went back to the treadmill with the intention of doing 2 more miles. My leg hurt so much that I had to stop and couldn't even get a quarter mile completed. I went to a cycling machine that didn't give the same impact, but all the cardio I needed to get much needed oxygen to my legs.

I never should have even tried to run for my cooldown. Lesson learned. If hurts, don't push it.

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