Thursday, September 18, 2008

Calf Pain, but No Blisters

2 runs so far this week...

Sunday run around 4 miles. I start off and I'm thinking... "My legs feel good. I've got some bounce and vibrancy here. Let's do this." I take off and about 20 steps in... my calf pulls. It's not major, but dammit. I'm stupid and won't learn from my previous blogs and keep going. I slow down mind you, but I'm goin'.

I end up jogging at a slower pace through 4 miles.

Calf pain, but no blisters.

Wednesday... 11pm... it's late, but screw it. Knowing I have a minor pull in my calf, I take it easy. I ran about 9 1/2 pace for 3.6 miles. I guessed I did around 3.5 and I ran my course through gmap-pedometer and 3.6. That's a sure sign of progress. When you can guess very close to the mileage you are running, you're getting there.

Calf is sore, but not painful. And no blisters.

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