Sunday, February 28, 2010

Watched a Movie While Running the Treadmill

I tried something new today.  I decided to make use of the DVD player that is attached to the treadmill at the gym.  I rented the Bruce Willis movie Surrogates.

I started the movie and did my normal 2 mile @ 12 minute pace warmup.  I then got a little water and finished off another 6 miles while watching the movie.  It made the time go by very quickly.  This is definitely a good way to do your long runs.  For some of you that run for hours, you may have to find copies of The Good Stuff or Ghandi, though.

It was a great way to kill two birds with one stone.  Watch a movie on the weekend and get a long run in.  Well, 8 miles is long for me.  Only 6 miles if you takeaway the 2 mile warmup.  I finished at 84 minutes 15 seconds.  It took just over 24 minutes to start my warmup, so the 6 miles of the main portion of my workout was run around 10 minute pace... if not slightly under that speed.

Felt great to do it, but my legs were very tired afterward and while writing this almost 2 hours later, I am already sore.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miles on the Dreadmill

It was cold today, so I went home for my running gear and then drove back downtown to my gym to use the dreaded treadmill.  I warmed up for 2 miles at 12 minute pace while watching ESPN and ESPN2.  Duke was beating Tulsa on the one channel and Northwestern was beating Iowa on the other, so I just kept switching back and forth.

I followed my new warmup routine of going slow, landing on the balls and toes of my feet, and keeping short strides.  It was another good warmup.

I stopped the treadmill, retied my running shoes so they were tighter, turned off the TV, and turned on my mp3 player to the likes of Ten and Vs from Pearl Jam.  I went right into a 7mph or 8:34 minute pace.  The treadmill at my gym has a virtual track on part of its screen.  I used long strides on the straightaways and short faster strides on the curves of the track.  In the end, I ran 4 miles in 34:09, which is somehow just a hair faster than the 8:34 pace.  I thought computers were supposed to be accurate.  Oh well.  That is really 8:32 pace, which is exactly 30 seconds slower per mile than the 5k I ran this past Saturday.  That's good considering I kept that pace for another full mile.

Now, the test is whether I can keep from eating everything in the fridge tonight.  :O

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coldy, Rainy, Windy... and Crampy

I didn't feel like running today.  All day, I've been a little stiff from yesterday's workout (5.3 miles - 2x12min, 3.3x9min).  That wasn't going to stop me.  Nor was the cold temperatures moving back in, nor was 30 mph wind gusts, nor was rain... but the cramp in my left side kept me from doing more mileage than I anticipated.

I having been doing well with longer warmups and today I veered off course.  I got about half a mile into my run and with the rainy conditions, I just wanted to get this over and done.  I wasn't flying, but I went for about a 10 minute pace and I almost immediately started cramping in my lower left quadrant (abdomen).  I'm not sure why, nor do I care at this point.  I just wanted the damn thing to go away.  No such luck.

I finished up my Lake Ivanhoe loop (2.5 miles) and the cramp went away less than a minute later.  I'm also in my warm and dry home and that's a lot better, too!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

4 x 400 on the track

Ran 1.25 mile warmup to the track plus one lap.

No stretching, because I don't like to do that before my running. 4x400m. I thought in my head that I need to run 7 minute miles, so I was gunning for 1:45 splits. Didn't quite work out the way I planned.

1:34, 1:32, 1:25, 1:26

I ran faster than I wanted, but I guess that's OK. Now, I need to put those together. 12 times would be real special, but I'd be happy to string just those 4 together within 2 months. That would be a 5:57 mile.

Note: knee hurt until I was fully warmed up. Didn't bother me after the first interval and into the cooldown. Cooldown was 1.25 back home.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Run Around The Pines 5k

Alright, I ran a 5k this morning in Winter Park. It was nice and cool around 52 degrees and slightly overcast. The sun came out after the race.

My goal was to run 8:00 minute miles and without using a calculator, I was thinking that was 24:40 (according to my last post). I didn't quite make it, but I still feel good about my time since I put in a good effort.

I started the morning with a 1.5 mile warmup. I would have liked more time to do so, but I had to take care of some business right before the race started. There's no holding back a duece while you're running. It could get messy.

I said 24:40, but in the back of my mind, I had 25 minutes. The start was slow, because there were a lot of people bunched up. I crossed the starting line walking. I finished with a 25:02 chip time, so that walking start could have been the 2 seconds I needed. It is what it is, though. I didn't get into my "pace group" until around the half mile mark.

Overall, it was a good race for me. Next race, I will try to cut off a minute.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking Control of the Knee Pain

I had a little twitch in my left knee during one of last week's treadmill runs. It came to a head yesterday morning during my 5 miler. My knee hurt all day yesterday and to a lesser extent today.

I will not let this stop my running. I wanted to run the same 5 miler again today, but I took a different approach. Starting very slowly, I didn't increase my speed for the entire first 2 miles. I probably jogged those around 12 minutes each. I took very short strides, controlled breathing, landing each step on the balls of my feet. No heals whatsoever and no overextending.

Felt good. Retied my shoes at 2 miles and off I went. I tried to keep the same pace the whole way through except for the final 1/4 mile. I gave it everything I had short of sprinting. I don't want to pop my hammies anymore. I think taking extra time and care during my warmup did the trick. I usually never warmup more than 1 mile.

No pain after my run either. I think I am ready for the Run Around the Pines 5k this Saturday morning. I will rest tomorrow and I am aiming for 24:40 on the 5k.

Run Data:
5.1 miles in 48 minutes
59 degrees at the start and 53 degrees by the end of the run

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Group Leader

Ran 2.5 yesterday around Lake Ivanhoe. Today, I went to the Metro 24/7 Fitness gym in downtown Orlando for a group run. I haven't attended in quite some time. There's a new group leader. So it was Dani (sp?), Steve, and myself roughing the high 40s this morning.

We ran 3.1 miles. I finished the last third of a mile strong. Felt great the whole time. We ran a conversational 10 minute pace. It was nice for a morning run.

That's 2 days in a row. Staying strong.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time to Get Serious

The emails have started spreading.  The people are talking.  Non-runners are showing up at Lake Eola.

It's time to get serious about the Corporate 5k which takes place late April in downtown Orlando.  I decided yesterday that Saturday is going to be the start of my regular training regimen.  I haven't picked out workouts yet, but I am committing to training 6 days a week.  This may be in the form of strength training as well.  I will try to run every day even if it just the warmup.  I didn't tell anyone of my intention, not even Kim, for fear of not living up to expectations.  I've been told by coaches, mentors, and peers that I have lots of potential.  Not just in running, but I have heard this about other endeavors as well.

Well, I'm happy to state that I have gotten off to a good start.  I ran one lap around Lake Ivanhoe this morning.  That logs 2.5 miles so far.  I took it easy.  10 minute pace.  It was a perfect cool morning of 58 degrees.