Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I think I'm ready for the 5K

The Insurance Office of America Corporate 5K is 2 days away.

I think I'm ready. I just ran a 5 miler in 37:02 taking a 15 second water stop and two 30 second water stops. That's a pace of 7:24 per mile. I ran from just before 8pm to around 8:30pm. The race is at 6:45pm, so the sun will still be up and it may be a little warmer. It was nice and cool for this run, though.

If I can match that pace, that puts my 5k time at 23:06 and my goal is to beat 23:00. I would literally have to shave off 2 seconds per mile. I can sprint that difference in the last 440.

I plan on having a large pasta meal on Wednesday evening to prep. Large breakfast on Thursday morning, decent sized lunch, and a snack bar for a snack in the afternoon to keep my blood sugar leveled and not spiked prior to the run.

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Maddy said...

Good luck at the Corporate 5k. I ran it last year and had a great time. In fact, my team won 1st place in for Media/Advertising /PR co-ed team. (none of us work for that company any more -funny)

I will be out of town on business or I would run it this year too!