Friday, March 14, 2008

Leg Rote

I am starting to see more definition in my legs. I'm not ripped, but I've definitely made some progress.

I ran yesterday and had a great workout. Today, I wasn't sure if I wanted to rest so that I could get 2 days off or if I should extend to 3 days in a row. Well, I ran, but I took it easy. The reason for running today was to just run. Plain and simple. Not too hard. I didn't want to break myself down. The only way to make myself a runner is to continue running. It's just like when you learn something. If your muscles can remember like your brain, then I have to commit 3 miles to rote memory in my legs.

Wednesday's workout

.5 mile warmup outside jog to the gym
5k at 8:00 min miles - right on the edge of anaerobic threshold
10 minute break (had to drop a duece)
5k at 7:30 min miles - definitely anaerobic
1.0 mile cooldown and .5 mile walk

No new blisters. Wore 2 socks per Ron's recommendation.
I was using the 2 in 2 out breathing technique for the whole first 5k at 8 minute pace. I tried to keep that technique for the second 5k, but had a hard time breathing for the last mile. I really had to focus on my foot strikes to minimize friction and just to keep going. The last half mile was 1 in 1 out breathing and very heavy and forced. Felt good to keep up the pace and finished just under 23 minutes.

Total mileage: 7.5 miles running; 8 miles running/walking

Thursday workout

.5 mile warmup
3 miles easy - 3 laps around inner circle of Lake Eola
.5 mile cooldown

Total mileage: 4 miles

22 miles so far this week. I will take off tomorrow (Friday), but I can add to my weekly total on Saturday.

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