Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speedwork on the Track

Started with an easy 2 miles around Lake Eola. My knees were a little stiff and I definitely needed the longer than usual warmup. Did a few quick stretches and I was ready to go.

The plan was, as usual... shortened by my lack of will power, to run 4 x 880 @ 3:30 with 440 recovery jogs. I ended running 3 x 880 at that speed.

It was a good workout regardless of whether I achieved by goal. It was hot out there today, which made it hard to breathe. It's Florida. What can you do?

All in all, I ran 4.25 miles.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5 miles tonight

I started off easy around 10 minute pace for the first mile and eased into a comfortable pace around 8 minutes per mile. Even though it got more difficult to keep the pace, I kept it up until the last quarter mile when I slowed down to a jog to cool down a little. It was a good 5 mile run around Lake Ivanhoe with a nice breeze. It is now a few hours later and my calves and butt are sore.

IOA Corporate 5K - Start

running corporate 5k downtown Orlando

I am in the lower right hand corner of this pic. This is just as the horn is going off and we are starting to inch forward toward the starting line. It took about 11 seconds for me to hit the line and I was only about 20 feet back.

IOA Corporate 5K - Finish

running corporate 5k downtown Orlando cramp stitch

Here I am a few seconds after crossing the finish. I am gasping for air. I had a cramp in the middle of my upper abdomen area for almost the entire last mile.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

IOA Corporate 5K

Today, Track Shack put on the Insurance Office of America Corporate 5K Run & Walk in downtown Orlando. They moved it back to Lake Eola Park after using the Citrus Bowl the past few years. I liked finishing in the Citrus Bowl the past couple years, but the tree lined streets of Lake Eola Heights makes for a cooler run.

I tried something new. I wanted to amp myself up for the run. On normal days, I drink 2-4 cups of coffee from the morning through early afternoon. Instead, I waited until a couple hours before the race to get my caffeine intake. Also, I popped a Claritin-D about an hour and a half before race time to open up my lungs a little.

That seemed like a really good idea as I was overcome with energy just prior to the start. I took off fast on the first mile and that turned into a bad thing later. I passed the first mile marker in 6:50. I slowed into a better pace for the second as my time was 14:38, which translates into a 7:48 mile. And that's when things got ugly. I stopped for some water at the second water station which was located a little after the 2 mile marker. I got a cramp under my ribs in the middle of my stomach at about 2.25m. That made me stop. I walked for a few seconds, picked up to a slow jog and back to running. Less than a quarter mile later, I did the same thing again. I was able to finish up the last half mile without cramping, but my time was considerably hampered. I crossed the finish line at exactly 24:00. If nothing else, it was easy to remember. My average pace was 7:43, so my last mile was around 8:31. That's quite a drop off.

I haven't run in a week, so I don't feel too bad about my time. I didn't get as much speedwork in as I would've liked. I just have to keep going. I'll post pics if I can find any online later.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just marking my spot

Friday, I ran 5 miles. I didn't have anything in mind other than to complete 5 miles. Nice and easy. Used the old Brooks Adrenalines and they weren't too bad. They have way too many miles on them and I started to feel the pressure build up in my left arch. Another mile or two and I would've had a large blister. Good enough.

Total for the week = 12.5 miles (over 3 runs)

Ran Sunday for 2.5 miles. Easy run. At about 2 miles, I stopped when I saw an otter in Lake Highland. It was just as curious about me as I towards it. It jumped out of the water and perched itself onto a concrete wall for a few seconds until I figured out that it was watching me. Once I made eye contact, it darted back into the water and took off. That always makes for a good day.

So far this week = 2.5 miles