Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Smoking During Downtime

OK. I attended the Florida Music Festival and Indie Film Jam and week and a half ago. I did some drinking. It was mandatory. The disturbing part is that people around me were smoking and that made me crave them while I was drinking. After a day in, I starting bumming ciggies.

Last day of the fest, I broke down and bought a pack. I figured what the heck. I'm already not going to be running since my calf hurts too much to run. Why not go all the way and have fun with drinking and smoking.

It's been another week and I'm still enjoying my cigarettes. My calf still hurts. I haven't even tried running on it. It hurts if I walk too much (anything more than a 1/4 mile or so). It's really getting annoying. I am going to lose all my progress over the past 6 months in a very short time. Oh well. Hopefully I don't lose more than a min/mile off my average training pace.

Only time will tell. I think I am going to finish off the pack of smokes I'm working on right now and call that quits. I need to start rehabbing my calf.

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