Friday, February 8, 2008


I smoked my last cigarette on Friday, January 4th. Oddly enough I stopped before happy hour. That was hard. Smoking during the day and then not having one while eating wings and drinking beers.

I didn't do any running for the whole month of January. I wanted to have a transition time; not wanting to completely shock my system.

I started doing an American Heart Association program through work called START! They are trying to get people up and out walking. I asked if my running would count and they are mostly concerned with getting people that are inactive becoming active people.

So here's my running tally the past few days:

2/3/082 miles: alternating 1/4 in 1:30 and 1/4 in 3:00
Walked 2 miles
2/4/084 miles all close to 8 min pace
Walked 2 miles
2/5/08Rest: Walked 2 miles
2/6/083 miles at 8 min pace
(2 miles) 17 x 100 yds (race pace) with 100 yd recovery
2/7/082 miles at 8 min pace
1 mile in 6:45
1 mile cooldown
Walked 2.25 miles later in evening
2/8/08Rest: Biked 2 miles

Tonight I am taking off from running. My legs are sore especially my calves. Wings and beer demand special attention and tonight, they will get what they need.

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