Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easy Run on Easter

There were lots of people out at Lake Eola this afternoon. Lots of purple and yellow dresses and shirts. Lots of picnic baskets.

Needless to say, I ran on the outside sidewalk of the park where there were less crowds. I only had one space cadet walking in front of me that didn't notice someone running directly at them until I yelled, "HEY," at the top my lungs about 2 seconds before impact. She gives out an, "Oh," and moves over to the middle of the sidewalk.

I just can't stand that people are so unaccustomed to walking in Orlando that they take up the entire sidewalk regardless of how many people are trying to use it.

Rant over. It was a great afternoon. Temp must have been around 75 degrees. Sunny with a nice breeze.

I did a quarter mile warmup. 3 laps around the outside sidewalk = 3.75 miles. I did negative splits. Not sure about the times, because I didn't run with a watch today. I intended on doing this run completely easy and couldn't help but start running faster as I went along. I was probably doing about 7 minute pace by the last mile.

Total workout :: 4 miles

Weekly mileage ending on Saturday :: 15.5 miles

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