Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hot and Humid

Went out for a run this afternoon around 6:30 and it was drizzling. It wasn't enough to cool things off though. It was still in the 90s and the humidity was obviously through the roof.

My goal... 4 miles.

Mission accomplished. I did a half mile warmup at around 12 min pace. The first mile and a half I did around 8 minute pace. My legs started to feel heavy and I was breathing heavy at that point and I slowed down around 9 minute pace for another mile. Did a half around 10 minute pace and I was having a hard time just to keep going. Finished up with a half mile cooldown about 12 minute pace back home.

I failed to follow a basic rule. It was hot and humid and I didn't stop for water during my run. I probably could have kept my pace going by drinking some water along the way.

My core temperature was way too high by the time I got home. I had to stand in front of the air conditioner for 20 minutes with cool air blowing directly on me before I stopped sweating.

I hope it starts getting cool soon... dreaming. That won't happen until October.

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