Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Calf Hurts Again

I warmed up with half a mile going into an easy 3 miler. Not even a quarter mile into the main part of my workout and my left calf tweaks again. It was like a pull, but a real small amount. Enough pain to keep me from running the way I was, but not enough to completely stop me.

I tried stretching a little bit and that didn't help.

I had to change my running style. I usually run with the balls of my feet striking the ground first. I modified my running to land on my heels ever so slightly. Lowered my center of gravity a little and kept my feet moving very quickly so as not to land very hard. It kept the pain away and actually made me keep up a much faster pace than I wanted. Because of stopping for a minute to stretch out my calf, my first mile was 9:35. I was supposed to be doing 8:40s.

I tried to make up for it and got the next one in 7:00 (total - 16:35). Last mile was too fast as well. 7:10 (23:45)

This was supposed to be an easy run. After walking a little bit and sitting down at the computer, my calf is stiffening up. I will have to ice it down tomorrow and instead of any cross training, I will rest.

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