Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Long Run in the AM

I went out this morning with a goal of running at least 40 minutes. Distance and pace meant nothing. I didn't care how far I traveled nor how fast. I didn't have a watch to time myself, but I kept having trouble getting past 2.5-3 miles for distance and 30 minutes for time.

I ran almost an hour covering 5.15 miles. I don't even want to calculate my average pace, because I started jogging at a speed that some people could walk. I didn't care about how far I was going when I started, but I did measure it after I got home.

My next run is scheduled for Thursday evening. Fleet Feet Sports and Harmoni Market is having a fun run. I have to find out the route. It is supposed to be 4 miles starting and ending at Harmoni Market and as sponsors, they are offering a complimentary glass of wine or beer and also a goodie bag to all participants. I did I mention that there is no cost. Oh yeah, I'm in. Run 4 miles and there is a reward at the end. We'll call this the Pavlovian Run.

This is reminiscent of our 7 Eleven runs back in high school cross country. Coach would have us run a few miles for Slurpies and run back to the school. That would break up the monotony of speedwork and long runs and everyone enjoyed it. Now as an adult, the beer sounds much, much better than a Slurpy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting in a Groove - Celebration 5k

I capped off the week with a 5k run on Saturday morning. How could I say no to a race less than a mile from my home? Maybe because I wasn't really ready to run a race of any distance. Nah. I had to.

I did a 1 mile warmup followed by a little stretching and next thing you know, the horn sounds. Off I go. I kept a nice easy pace, walked and drank at the 1 mile and 2 mile water stops. I never saw the 1 mile marker, but hit the 2 mile mark at 18:30. I stopped to walk at about 2.5 miles. Man, was I unprepared. I crossed the line at 28:04.

I love how the kid in front of me has an expression of boredom
on his face while everyone else including myself is in agony.

I wanted to keep up the same routine this week, but I have plans early Monday morning. I went out this afternoon and logged in a run of 2.7 miles in 30 minutes. Lots of work to do, but I feel like I'm back in a groove again.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pre-Dawn Run

It's been a couple of weeks since I've run and it's been even longer since I've done a morning run. Waking up before the sun and heading out the door has a primal feel to it like a mountain lion out for a morning rabbit. A mile or so in, I find myself with plenty of company on the streets and sidewalks of College Park as daylight peaks its head over the horizon and I am back to being Doug running the streets of Orlando.

I only did 2.5 miles, but it feels good knowing I got a couple miles logged already for the day. I started around 11-12 minute pace, worked my way to 9 minute pace around the half mile mark and kept that through the remaining 2 miles.

Finished off with a cold shower. Feels great. Time for some coffee.