Sunday, May 5, 2013

5 Easy Miles

It has rained for most of the last week and I needed to retrieve my bicycle from work.  It is 1.85 miles, but I wanted my run to be a little longer.  Taking that into consideration, I plotted a course that placed a water break exactly at 2.5 miles of a 5 mile run.

I took it easy and didn't push myself.  There were times when it was hard not to push it.  Especially at a point when another runner came up behind me and got within a couple yards, but never attempted to pass.  I could hear her footsteps as we ran in near unison for about a mile until our paths diverted.  I wanted to give a burst and put some space between us.  That would have been completely psychological and the whole point in running an even pace is to prove you can maintain control over a given length of time.  That was hard!  Even as slow as I am right now, I want to compete.

The run went mostly well.  I had stiffness and pain in my left calf which stemmed from a misstep running on bricks this past Monday.  I also had tightness in the arch of my right foot, but that went away after the water break at 2.5 miles.

Well, I got to run and I have my bike back ready to go to work.