Friday, March 7, 2008

How to Run in the Rain

It was raining twice this week when I wanted to run.

I made a short run the first day. Did a quick lap around Lake Eola and off to Publix for some groceries. Walked back. That ended up being only a 2 mile run, but the storm clouds were getting real close.

Last night, it rained for hours. I was getting claustrophobic. I just had to get out, so I suited up and ran to the gym. It's a half mile, so that gave me a good warmup jog.

I did a 5k on the treadmill. 8:00 on the first mile. 15:30 (7:30) on the second and the last mile must have been around 7:00 minutes or just under, because I finished at 23:03. I wonder if I can keep that up on the road. It's a little easier to run on a treadmill, because you don't have to push off the same way when doing regular running on the roads or track. Even if I add 30 seconds to my time, I am under the 24 minutes I wanted to achieve by the end of April.

I am definitely ahead of schedule. If I keep up this pace, I wonder if I can get under 22 by race time.

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