Monday, March 10, 2008

My Body Is Sore

Great weekend. Air was crisp with low humidity, which is a blessing in Florida with temps very cool.

On Saturday, I ran a half mile to the gym for a warmup. I wanted to get a decent amount of miles logged and not overwork myself. I put the pace at 8:30 miles. Did that for 30 minutes, so that was 3.5. Took a quick 1 minute break to get some water. Did another 30 minutes at the same pace, so I got 7 miles for my workout.

I was good there and probably shouldn't have tried any weight work, but heck, I did. I did light weights at high reps.

inclined bench press 45 lbs (just the bar) x 70 reps
dumbbell curls 15 lbs x 30 reps
moderate incline situps (probably around 20 degrees) x 50 reps

Finished up with a half mile jog home.

8 miles total running for the day (including warmup and cooldown)
I also walked a mile in the morning, so 9 miles of exercise all day.


Sunday, walked to Publix and back carrying 20 lbs on the way home. 1.5 miles.

It was such a nice day, so instead of resting after yesterday's long run, I decided to run 4 laps around Lake Eola on the outside. That's 5 miles plus my half mile warmup and cooldown each which brings my daily total to 6 miles running and 7.5 miles total exercise.

I also went to the gym and did 50 reps of 45 lbs on the flat bench press. 50 reps of 10 lbs alternating biceps curls. 30 inclined setups.

As a side note, I have lost about 5 pounds in the last week or two. I've gone from 175 to 170. I even dipped under 170 for one day to 169.


My feet were blistered like crazy after Sunday's run. I would have taken pictures as proof, but by this morning, the blisters have either gone away (weird) or hardened up and turned into callus already.

My chest is sore from the bench presses. My biceps are sore from the curls. My feet, thighs and butt are sore from the mileage without a rest.

I woke up and popped a couple Bayer aspirin and it really hasn't helped much.

I think I'm going to take tonight off from running. I might just do a walk and that's it. Next time, I will have to separate workout days.

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