Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fartlek to Prodigy

After losing my iPod, this has been the first workout with a music player that I have had in months. I planned on doing 5 miles which came to pass. I also planned on doing negative splits starting around 9 minute miles and ending up around 7 minute pace.

So... Prodigy is what I loaded up on the mp3 player and I started OK, but next thing you know it turned into a Fartlek run. If you aren't familiar, a fartlek run is when you go varying speeds for varying distances. Its a great workout for your stamina. First time I ever heard of a fartlek was freshman year in high school and my track coach, Mr Hirn or Hern (don't remember the spelling) told us about it. We learned to hate the term. At the time our school didn't have a track yet, so we used to snake our way through the school's parking lot. He would blow his whistle and we would go all out and then he would blow his whistle and we would go half speed and we would continue this routine until he said to stop.

Tonight, there were a few bursts of speed where I got down to 6 minute pace, perhaps a little faster, and held it for about half mile or so. Great workout even though it wasn't what my original was.

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