Sunday, February 24, 2008


Kim and I wanted to eat pizza. We were both feeling lazy and didn't feel like cooking anything. Isn't pizza always the answer?

We know that Papa John's is running a special. The catch is that it's carry out only. To not feel completely appathetic, we decided to walk to the pizza shop.

The walk didn't take too long and it was exactly 1.5 miles. We got some drinks at the Circle K around the corner and our pizza was ready in just a few minutes. On the way, there is a park and we stopped and sat down on a bench where we ate a few slices. We had already burned off a slice's worth of calories and had to walk almost a mile home.

All in all, we walked 3 miles on our trip.

It reminds me of the runs I used to do when I was 14 to 15 years old. Two of my friends and cross country teammates, Chris and Ray, used to do the run with me.

It would start off with one of us leaving home and running to another person's house and meetup at the third person's house or a designated equidistant spot along our way to the local mini mart, which was the Farm Store in front of BVL. When we got to the Farm Store, we would each get a Gatorade. We'd slug some of it down and start walking back. Part of the trip, we'd run.

It was our reward and it makes exercise go down a lot easier.

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