Sunday, May 11, 2008

Red Wine and Running

It doesn't mix well. I'm not even talking about at the same time. I went to a movie premiere last night. Probably the best that Orlando has ever hosted. The movie was RoboDoc. I started drinking before I got there and didn't stop until a couple hours after the movie ended. Needless to say, I was wasted.

Hangover ensues the next morning. I ate a hearty breakfast and had some coffee. I almost felt OK by this early evening. So I go out for my regularly scheduled long run. That's when I could feel the difference.

It was very windy, so I ran on the treadmill. BORING, but yet very good for keeping pace. I was sluggish the entire run. My Smart Coach says to go 8:39 pace. I plugged in 1 hour when I started without doing the math and realized that I needed more time at that pace to finish. Part way through the run, I had to adjust my speed up. I ended up running the 7 miles in 59:46, so 8:32 pace.

My left calf started getting tight around the 5 mile mark, but went away after half a mile.

That was definitely a tough challenge, but shouldn't have been. Next time I go drinking and I have a run scheduled other than an Easy Run, I'm going to have to stop my intake at 3 or 4 glasses. It's so hard sometimes, though, once it hits your lips.

Total miles today: 7

Total for this week: 17.5 miles

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