Sunday, April 27, 2008

Light Weight Workout

I had to take Kim to the airport this morning and didn't get much sleep last night, so I took a nap in the early afternoon. I wanted to wake up to catch the middle of the NFL Draft and I completely missed it. Regardless, the Cowboys picked up some decent picks especially cornerback. We'll see how that works out come season.

The nap helped me from feeling like a zombie, but I still didn't wake up with much energy. I just got back from the gym after a light workout. I jogged 1 mile on the treadmill for a warmup and did a quick workout.

3 x 12/10/8 bench press @ 115 lbs
3 x 12/10/8 lat pulldown @ 90 lbs
3 x 12/10/8 alternating biceps curls @ 20 lbs
3 x 12 calf raises - not sure of weight

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