Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year Run (Almost)

January first would have been the perfect day to start the year with a run, but New Year's Eve celebrations kept that from happening.  The second sounds better.  Ha ha.

I got up early to make up the difference and was on the streets before 6am.  I got to Kensington Park 5 minutes before it officially opened, but the gate was open.  I ran in and it was a bit weird running in a huge park before dawn with no lights.

Traveling south along the Broad Walk, I crossed over to Round Pond and woke a few swans.   Went northeast towards the square reflection ponds at the north edge of the Serpentine.  Noticed those were half frozen over.  South along Carriage Drive and Exhibition Road, then west to the Albert Memorial and back north winding my way back to Queensway.

Overall, it was a great peaceful run.  It was freezing, but I can just imagine running through this park in the spring.  Cheers!

Oh yeah, 4 miles.