Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday 300's and 300's and 300's

Lesson #1:  Don't eat a large meal within hours of a hard workout.
Example #1:  Eating a 12" hot parm sub sandwich 3 hours before running 300 repeats on the track.

Was it too much sodium?  Sure.  Was it too much cheese?  Definitely.  Was it too much protein in one sitting?  You bet.  Too many carbs?  Probably enough for two people.

I was burping up parm for the entire warmup jog and into my striders.  At least it stopped by the time we started the actual workout which turned out to be 300's at mile pace.  3 sets of 4 reps with a 100 recovery jog and 3 minutes of rest between the sets.  At least it was a quick workout.

I know I kept all of my reps below mile pace, which was good.  The fastest runner in our group, Murphy, asked the other guys to run in a small circle until everyone caught up after each rep.  I was usually second to last on each rep, but during the jog, I was the slowest.

I kept all of the reps under 60 seconds which was good.  Thanks to the other guys waiting just a few seconds during the recovery jogs, I was able to keep up... until midway through the last set.  During the last 100 straightaway of the second rep, I started hyperventilating.  I knew I was going to take an extra 10-15 seconds to recover, so I yelled to the rest of the guys to just go without me.

It felt really good that the guys waited as much as they did.  It helped boost my morale and probably kept me running faster through the workout than if I trailed behind.  I wasn't that far off during the actual runs and I kept my speed up on the last two reps when I ran alone.

Feels like my speed is finally coming back after that last hamstring pull in October.


Unknown said...

I would have been puking. Great job with the 300s =)

Alan Dent said...

Great job on completing your session

The Green Girl said...

Sounds like we had opposite running experiences this week.

Doug said...

It seems it is a struggle for most people, myself included, to figure out when and how much to eat. It is silly that we don't really know our own bodies until we "break" it enough times.