Thursday, February 17, 2011

1 and 1's and Then a Few Extra Miles for Good Measure

Today's prescribed workout was 1 and 1's.  That's 1 minute at 5k race pace alternating with 1 minute of jogging.  We did this for 16 minutes.  I definitely ran faster than my 5k goal race pace.  The first thing that made me feel really good about this workout was that I stayed with the group through 5 of the fast portions.  I trailed off for the last 15 seconds of that 5th one and then I lost ground on the remaining jogs, but I only finished about 100 meters behind the pack.  I made sure not to slow down much on the fast parts, but I definitely lost ground on the jogs.  That's when everyone else has a good time talking to each other and I'm panting like a dog.

After the 16 minutes were up, I took another minute and a half to jog back to the track to get some water.  Instead of finishing the workout with a mile cooldown, I started running around the track.  I only had 1 mile planned in my head, but then I just kept going.  I ended up running 3 miles after the main portion of the workout.  That's the second thing about today's workout that made me feel really good.  I started off around 10 minute pace and by the last mile, I was running at 8 minute pace.  My legs were tired, but at the same time, I kept feeling stronger as I went and I think it was swelling up from confidence. I think this is all due to the longer runs that I've been doing on the weekends.  Everyone told me it would help a lot, but I have to admit that I was skeptical.  If I wasn't, I would have started doing them months ago.

Total miles including warmup and cooldown:  6.8 and feeling great!

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The Green Girl said...

Nice job running faster than your 5k time!