Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Speed Work... of the 1000 and 200 Kind

I won't be running the House of Hope Run Around the Pines 5k this Saturday in Winter Park, but it is the last 5k of the Track Shack Grand Prix Series for 2010-2011.  That being said, Coach Nathan is gearing us up for the race.  I anticipate being in Miami for the weekend or at least part of it.

4 x 1000 at our goal 5k race pace with 2 minute rests and then 6 x 200 at Fast.  What's fast?  Not quite sprinting, but close enough to wind you afterward.

On the 1 km's, I was shooting for 4:20, which is just over 21:30 for a 5k.  I ran them in 4:03, 4:06, 4:06, 4:15.  Keeping that average pace would net a 20:43.  I could live with that.  Not going to happen just yet, though.

On the 200's, I am not sure what my times were.  I clocked the first one and it was a :37, which wasn't that exciting to see when I looked at my watch.  The rest period between reps on these was 45 seconds, which I abided except on one that I took a 55.  Considering what my time was on the first rep, I am pretty sure that I kept it under 40 on all of them.  I had to be very careful not to push myself too hard, because 200's is what we were running when I pulled my hamstring this past October.  Their so easy to run that sometimes I get carried away and just letting loose.  Not today, so everything is intact.

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Jim ... 50after40 said...

Hello, new follower ... great workout, way to run it smart w/o injury. Good luck!