Sunday, February 13, 2011

Long Run - Cut Short

It was a little chilly this morning.  I started with an 11 minute mile warmup and some stretching.  I planned on running 4 laps around Lake Ivanhoe near downtown Orlando.  Due to the cool weather, I was very dehydrated and had to stop every lap.  Mind you, each lap is 2.5 miles, but that made me slow down and start back up too frequently.

I did the first lap in 19:47, so just under 8 minute per mile pace (7:55).  The second lap was 40:12 total (20:25 split), so just over 8 minute pace (8:10) for the second 2.5 mile set.  That brought the average of 5 miles to 8:02.  I continued to slow down on the third lap and was having to focus on my form, which was being altered due to another blister on my left food.  At the end of the third lap, I decided to stop.  I could have done another lap to complete a 10 miler, but I just didn't feel like beating myself up today.  That blister would have been killing me after another 2.5 lap.  Anyway, my final time was 1:02:45 which is exactly 8:14 average pace for the entire workout.  That means I ran the last 2.5 mile lap in 21:33, which is an average of 8:37.

Although shorter than my recent long runs, it felt good.

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