Friday, March 5, 2010


Negatives, aka Negative Splits, is when you run a distance multiple times at increasing speeds.

For example, you may run 3 x 1 mile.  You run the first in 8:00, the second at 7:45, and the third mile at 7:30.  That is running negatives or negative splits.

I ran what turned out to be negatives today without planning it.  My goal was to run 3 miles under 10 minute pace just to get some miles logged.

I started around 10 minute pace, but since it was so cool tonight, I decided to pick up the pace and started to get faster leg turnover.  I got the second mile around 9 minute pace and then really started to force a faster arm swing which kept my momentum going until I finished up with a really strong kick with a fully opened stride.  That last mile was under 8 minutes.  I don't have exact times on my splits, because I don't have the streets painted.  Hmmm... maybe I should do that.  Just kidding.

After years of running, I can tell within 15-30 seconds how fast I've run a mile.  Anyway, that's today's lesson.  Negatives.

Warmup was 2 miles equaling a 5 mile total workout.  And thank goodness for my new socks.  I've never purchased them before, but I can vouch for Thorlo Pads.  My feet felt great through the entire workout.

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