Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Recovery Run

Recovery Run - a run usually the day after a hard workout such as hard intervals, a race, or hills.  It lets you get the blood flowing faster than a rest day and carrying nutrients in and carrying waste away from the muscles that were just overworked.  You will take this run usually at a conversational pace.

I warmed up today with 1.5 miles at 12 minute pace and then went straight into 9 minute pace for 2.5 miles.  I was going to run 2 miles for my warmup, but I saw another runner just slightly faster than my pace and I wanted to see if I could keep up.  Didn't happen.  Didn't matter.

4 miles logged.  I had a little tightness in my upper right calf.  I am taking tomorrow off and hope this will be the rest needed.

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Denise said...

i like the little definitions at the beginning of the posts!

enjoy your rest day...we all need to take them!