Thursday, January 27, 2011

8 x 600 intervals

I ran intervals tonight.  8 x 600 at just a little slower than mile pace with a 200 recovery jog.  It was chilly and windy.  Temps were around 50 degrees.  The wind was blowing in the direction of the straights, so it was nice gliding on one side and pushing into the cold air on the other.

I wasn't feeling good during the first half of the workout and then I took a pee break.  What a difference that made.  I felt free to just run the second half of intervals without really concentrating on my times.

I was notified last night that I should be receiving a pair of VitalSox compression socks very soon.  I can't wait.  I plan on trying them as recovery socks to see if that helps my calves since they are usually hurting after workouts.  I figure I'll do that for a couple weeks.  Then, I will try wearing them as workout socks and see what that does.

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