Friday, January 14, 2011

4 x 1000m

It was cold running this evening, but the sun is starting to set later.  There was a glimmer of sunlight on the horizon as late as 6:30pm.  It will start getting warmer in a few weeks and I can run with less layers.  It was high 30's - low 40's when I was running.

I felt a little tightness in my right calf during warmups, but it went away after stretching.

Tonight, we ran 4x1000m at our goal 5k pace with 2:15 rests.  I was aiming for 4:25 each which would net me a 22:05 time in the 5k.  My actuals were:

4:11 = 6:44 mile pace = 20:55 5k
4:08 = 6:39 mile pace = 20:40 5k
4:22 = 7:02 mile pace = 21:50 5k
4:17 = 6:54 mile pace = 21:25 5k

My average time was 4:15 per kilometer.  If I kept that pace the entire 5k, my time would be 21:15 which would better my last 5k by just over a minute.  My last 5k race time was 22:17.  I should be close to matching my previous time since these times included rests.  I obviously wouldn't be able to keep that same pace the whole time.

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