Friday, August 13, 2010

Stay Home Friday Night

This Friday night is feeling just like cross country season in high school.  Everyone I know is going out drinking (aka house parties) and I am at home resting for a race in the morning.  I remember always feeling left out.

Have to keep my running goals prioritized.  I'll be up early Saturday morning finding out if the work and sacrifice is paying off.

Thursday's group run was good... well, half of it was.  We started by running a little over a mile for a warmup.

Then, we ran 3.15 miles out, took a quick water pit stop, and headed back.  Coach wanted us to stay in groups, so I kept up with the rear group on the way out.  It was tough for the last half mile and I got a cramp in my right side during the last quarter.  That was the good part.  At least, I kept up.

Everyone got a quick restroom break and water and off we went back to our meetup spot.

After 1 mile on the way back, I never saw my running group.  That wasn't so good.  I was defeated mentally and my legs were killing me.  My right hamstring and calf started to stiffen up pretty bad, but I didn't stop running.

Tonight was a much needed rest.  Let's see what tomorrow morning brings.

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Johann said...

I always wait with any party until I finish my running for the weekend. Most often this is only Sunday by lunch time. So I never go out Friday nights or Saturdays at all. Like you say, priorities...