Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mile Repeats.... Kinda

First group run since being sick.

We did the usual mile warmup, stretch, and striders.  Then, 4 x 1 mile repeats with 3 minute recovery.  That's what was planned.  Up to this point, I feel perfectly normal.  We were supposed to run at 5k pace.  That means I should be running around 7:25 according to my last 5k time, but I figured I should be able to run these at the same time as my first mile split from that race.  That time was 6:45.  There were two other guys in my group that said they were going to run that pace.  I joined them.

Our first mile was 6:57.  That's 12 seconds over.  Not too bad considering I didn't use a watch to pace myself and I was relying solely on them to keep us honest.  The second mile, I ran a 6:47.  I felt good on that one.

I'm not sure what happened on the next repeat.  I felt good at the beginning.  My legs felt like I was getting good turnover and strides.  I had energy.  It was even cooler than it's been lately since there were clouds and we were getting some light winds thanks to Hurricane Earl.  I got around the first lap and within the next 100 yards my breathing went to panting and then hyperventilating as if I was running all out.  But I wasn't.  I don't think I was giving it that much effort, but I couldn't breathe right.

I stopped running and walked back over to where our coach was sitting.  He just had surgery for plantar fasciitis.  That's gotta suck.  I noticed that my nose was running slightly, which isn't normal for me.  I must still be having effects from my cold last week.  I told the coach that is why I was out all of last week.  He told me to run an easy 2 miles to finish my workout.  I did it.  I ran it around 9 minute pace and that was OK.

I rode my bike home and I got winded on the way home, which never happens to me, either.  I have eaten now and had a few glasses of water to rehydrate and I still feel a little tired from today's workout.  I hate colds.


Mark said...

Two good miles!! Hope you get well

Andrew Opala said...

I hope you feel better - it's great seeing you conquer this training so well. It inspires me!