Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My First Day with the Training Group

My lesson for today is simple.  Don't go out too fast at the beginning of your workout.  You will pay the price.  I know I did.  Our coach told us we would run 4 x 800 at 5k pace with 1:15 rest.  I have been running around 8 minute pace lately, but I wanted to shoot for my 6 month goal pace, which breaking 20 minutes.  His chart had me pegged at running 3:12 for the 800.  Keep in mind, this is still too fast for me.

I go out with the leaders of our group through a lap and a half and finish up my first 800 in 2:52.  That's faster than my mile pace versus my 5k pace.  That is 20 seconds faster than my goal for 6 months from now.  I should really be aiming for 7 minute pace / 22 minute 5k.

My arms started tingling.  Welcome oxygen debt!  I haven't seen you around these parts in years.  We were supposed to take a 1:15 rest, but I decided to go out with the middle pack and get an extra 15-20 seconds of rest.  That didn't make a difference.  As soon as I started the second 800, my feet felt like cement.  I went out with the pack and still made my 3:10 goal.

The third lap started well.  I went with the pack through the first lap and fell back dramatically on the back straight.  I don't remember my time, but I do know that it wasn't even close to my 3:10.

Just before toeing the line for the last 800, the coach asked me if I was OK to run it.  I responded with, "I have to, don't I?"

I pushed, but only mustered a what seemed like a jog.  I finished up in 4:02.

We then did 4 x 200's with the same 1:15 rest.  I ran those consistently at least.  I didn't overdo it.  I ran 41, 39, 39, and 35.  The coach made everyone, but a few of us do another 200.  I was gassed and welcomed the break.

We finished up with a sidewalk lap of Lake Eola following the street, so that was another 1.25 miles.  Warmup was 1.75 which included 4x100 striders..

If I didn't get all excited about running with a group, I am pretty sure I could have managed my 3:10's.  I will try to control myself on the next speed workout.

I also tried to go to sleep a couple of hours ago, but my legs and feet won't stop cramping and it's driving me crazy.  I don't know what the deal is.  I have replenished my fluids.  I had a banana today which is a good source of potassium.  I have easily taken enough sodium from different sources.  If anyone has any suggestions, I sure what appreciate it.  Maybe it will help me after my future workouts.  Over and out for this evening.


The Green Girl said...

I guess we all have to learn the hard way, huh?

I'm sorry about the cramps, my first guess would have been dehydration or electrolytes but you already covered those.

Will Cooper said...

you fell into the same trap i fall into when I train on the track with a group of runners...I inevitably run my intervals too fast because my ego won't let me slow down. don't worry, it happens to most of us. try running with the slower group and/or use a heart rate monitor to keep your pace in check.

Johann said...

That is hard work and you did well. You'll pace yourself better next time. I think the cramps are just tired muscles that worked harder than ever before.

Andrew Opala said...

wow ... I was puking just reading this ... keep at it, you're a rock star.