Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back from a Cold

Most people don't think of having a cold when the temperatures are hovering around the low 90's, but there has definitely been a change in the air lately.  Remember, this is Orlando.

I have been fending off a cold the past 2 weeks.  I didn't get a lot of sleep on Monday evening, so I think that is what made my body give out mid-Tuesday.  I missed my running group both times this week.  I went straight home after work Tuesday, because my nose was going berserk.  It was driving my nuts, so I stocked up some soup and went to bed.  I missed work for a couple days and still wasn't 100 percent yesterday.  I went to work, but didn't feel ready to run.  My nose was still clogged a little bit.

I haven't run since last Sunday and I felt like my lungs could handle the load this morning.  I wanted to take an easy 3 mile run.  I started by doing my first mile around 10 minute pace.  My legs have definitely rested this past week and I just wanted to bust out and run as fast I could after half a mile.  I held back though, until a runner zipped by me at about 1 mile.  I made it a point to adjust my speed to match hers.  She had about a 200 yard lead and I maintained that spacing for about half a mile.  She then stops for water and started back up just after I passed the water fountain.  I was probably running around 8 minute pace till that point.  That's when I started increasing my turnover and got down around a low 7 minute pace.  I kept that style of running for half a mile and then keeping the same speed, I slowed down my cadence and started to stride out.  I did this by extending my kicking / trail leg.  I didn't want to hurt my knees from overextension.

I kept that speed through 2.75 miles and noticed that the other runner had fallen back by about 200 yards.  My ego was bolstered enough for the day, so I finished up the last .25 mile at my original 10 minute pace.

It feels great to be back and I don't think I lost a step.  I don't know if my lungs are ready for more mileage yet, but I'll find out soon enough.


Andrew Opala said...

In Canada we have this thing called Cold FX (it's ginsing or something like that) it works wonders on me really quickly once I start feeling crappy.

Hope you feel better! But sick you still run faster than me!

Mark said...

Glad you are better, so tapers, even forced, work!!

Jimmy @ Run, Jimmy, Run said...

I agree with Andrew - not too shabby for being sick! Congrats on overcoming that nasty cold. Two weeks? Wow - I would have been at my wit's end by that point.

Doug said...

Thanks guys. I will look for Cold FX. I checked out their website and it is primarily sold in Canada, but it looks to be available online.

The Green Girl said...

Hope you feel better soon.

I am taking some Source Naturals Wellness Formula pills after the guy at my local health food store recommended them.