Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting Better or Cooler

I ran 4 miles yesterday and I got close to 8 minutes for an average pace.  I stopped twice towards the end of the run:  once at half mile to go and again at quarter mile to go.  I know that's pathetic that I just gave up.  I did go out harder than normal, so I guess that's why I didn't have the guts to keep pushing through the last half mile at the same pace.  Both stops were exactly 60 seconds.  My time including a slower first mile was 32:36, so if I didn't stop both times, I would have finally gotten under 8 minute pace for any distance over 3 miles which I haven't done in some time.

So I haven't run around 8 minute pace for multiple miles in awhile.  Is it because the temperatures have been coming back out of the 90's?  Is it because I've been logging more miles over the past month?  Perhaps a combination of both.

Whenever I run around Lake Ivanhoe, I have noticed that the wind blowing is always hard to breath in because it is even warmer than the air anywhere else.  It is so humid.  For the first time since probably May, the breeze blowing across the lake was not cool, but at least it wasn't hotter than the air around it.

This evening is my first workout with my training group, since I missed last Thursday covering a shift for a co-worker.  This workout will be speed work on the track.  I can't wait.


Andrew Opala said...

Your pace is probably better than 95% of the world's pace. Better than mine for sure. Hang in there and enjoy every moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Douglas. Thank you for checking out my blog. I stopped by yours. I agree with Andrew that your pace is better than many. The humid conditons there can slow many of us down. Anyway, good workout.

Can I add your blog to my blogroll please? Thanks again!