Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mile Time Trial - 6 Minute Mile

Today was the big day.  I had the time trial for the Track Shack Five and Dime training program to see what group I earned.  My goal was to beat a 6 minute mile, because that is what I thought the upper limit was to make the fastest training group.  Before the trial, one of the coaches told us that the first group's cutoff was 6:15, so I felt pretty good about my chances.  I already ran a 6:18 two weeks ago and I didn't have anyone around me to keep pace.

They asked the entire group of runners beforehand if you think you can run 7 minutes or less, you would run first.  They broke the time trial up into two groups.  The second group was obviously anyone that didn't think they would run 7 or under.

I did this training group in 2006 and I ran in the slower group.  I finished with a time around 7:45.  This time around, I ran 6:07.  I shaved 11 seconds in 2 weeks off my mile time.  That feels great.  I was hurting afterwards, but who cares.  Here's the breakdown.

1:20 - 1:20
2:55 - 1:35
4:34 - 1:39
6:07 - 1:33

I didn't bring a watch with me, which may have been a mistake.  I definitely went out too fast.  Would I have done that had I brought my watch?  I would have known that I was a few seconds fast on the 220 and might have slowed down, but then again, I might have kept going with the thought that adrenaline will carry me this day.  Wouldapalooza.  Facts are facts and that's what happened.  I felt great on the first lap.  I felt pretty good on the second lap.  On the third lap, I was so much in oxygen debt that I was panting like a dog.  I had to take a few awkward feeling deep breaths just to keep going.  The last lap really hurt.  As soon as I started the last lap, I gave a quick burst for about 30 yards to try to keep my pace and then tried to stride out the back stretch.  I struggled the last curve and then kicked the entire home stretch.

I am still happy with my results.  I definitely kicked the last 100 yards down the home stretch and shaved a few seconds off what would have been a 6:10 or more.  I even passed a person at the end.  That felt good.

I made the fast group.  It feels like I made the varsity squad.  I also know that I will definitely break 6 minutes after this training session over the next 10 weeks.

Oh yeah, my legs are jelly at the end and Coach Nathan says to jog 3 to 4 miles.  Yeah, sure.  Why not?  I ran 2.75 miles more.  I got so far behind the pack at one point that I couldn't see anyone.  That's when I took the closest road back to the track.


The Green Girl said...

Whoo hoo! ::high fives::

Congratulations on rocking it!

Mark said...


Johann said...

Nice one! Enjoy the training, you'll be fast after this!

cathysrunning said...

I am so darn impressed with your 6 minute mile! Good for you! I just broke 10 minutes for the first time and I felt lightning fast! 9 is my next goal!

Doug said...

A couple of the lead runners ran 4:41 miles. I was only a few seconds in front of them when I was hitting my 3rd lap.

Colin Hayes said...

Late to the party here, but congrats! Low 6's is a great time. I've been itching to do a "test mile", since it's been years, but I remember how much it hurts.
Keep up the great running!