Thursday, July 15, 2010

Track Shack Celebration of Running 5k - Next Race

I signed up for my next race.  It is the Track Shack Celebration of Running 5k.  It is August 14, 2010 and it starts and ends in front of the Orlando Science Center in Loch Haven Park which is just north of downtown Orlando.  I ran it a few years ago just after pulling one of my hamstrings.  It's a relatively flat course and takes you past Track Shack.  This is their anniversary run.  I don't remember how many years they have been open or what year the race started.  Betsy or Jon Hughes can probably tell you that if you're interested.  They are the founders of Track Shack and they still run it today.

Ran 5 miles today.  It was cool and when I say cool, I mean it was low 80's.  It was humid like crazy, though.  I had a good run.  Started with a 2 mile warmup at 12 minute pace.  I was really sore and stiff.  Not sure why, because I didn't even run yesterday.

I now have two goals for August.  I have trying to work on my speed a little bit by doing some track work once or twice a week.  The first goal is to run a 6 minute mile.  I don't think I'm there.  I might be able to squeeze out a 6:30 mile if I run until my legs burn and feel like concrete on the last lap.  The reason is that I want to get into the fast training group with Track Shack's WRAP Program and that starts August 2nd.

The second goal is the Celebration of  Running 5k.  I have one month.  I'm thinking 23:20.  There we go.  That's 7:30 pace.  I know I'm not running that right now, but that is easily obtainable if I stay focused for the next 4 weeks.


Johann said...

Good luck with your goals. You're doing the training so I'm positive you'll achieve what you want too.

The Green Girl said...

Low 80's and you call it cool? Ouch. Anything over 70 and I melt. Heh.

Best of luck to you on your August goals.

Mark said...

Good luck!!!