Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mile Time Trial

I have a goal of running a 6 minute mile by August.  That's only 2 weeks from now.  This spring, I ran a high 6.  I figured I was around a 6:30 right now based upon my 440 splits during my last two track sessions.  I was running around 1:30 and slightly under.

Today, I prepped for my run with the new Gatorade fruit punch flavored G Pre.  It is basically different forms of sugars and vitamins from what I can tell.  It's not too many calories and it definitely gave me a little energy.  It says to consume the liquid 15 minutes prior to your workout.  I drank the pouch's contents and then jogged a 2.5 mile warmup around Lake Eola and environs.  I could feel a little boost around the 2 mile mark.

Anytime I take pre-workout supplements, it reminds of the best advice I ever received from another runner.  Back in high school, one my fellow harriers used to consume a few tablespoons of honey before a race.  That worked wonders.  I don't recommend it for long runs, but for running 3 miles, it helps.  Thanks Tom H.

Well, my time trial to see where I am and if I'm even close to hitting 6 minutes in another time trial that takes place in 2 weeks went well.  Setting the stage, it was a mostly clear day.  Around 6:30pm and 93 degrees. says it felt like 100 degrees.  Whatever.  It was 93 and there's no denying it was hot.  Being Florida, it was naturally humid.

I took off like I was running my 440 splits, because that is my eventual goal in two weeks.  Why not see if it's possible now.  1:29 on the first lap.  Perfect.  Could I keep it up?  Almost.  3:07 on the second lap, which translates to 1:38.  Nine seconds off the first lap.  I was starting to worry in my head.  That, of course, is the killer of champions.  Doubt.  I would not fall prey to this evil.  4:44 on my third.  That's 1:37 which is practically the same speed as the second lap.  Maintaining speed at this point was a victory since I didn't fall off pace any more.  Did I mention it was windy?  Wind at my back on the back straight and running into it on the finish.  I gave it all I had on the last lap.  I obviously slowed down, because with a decent kick on the last straight, I ran a 1:34.  My estimated time of 6:30 was beaten.  I ran a 6:18 mile.  Twelve seconds faster than I expected.  I just need to take off 18 seconds.  That's 4.5 seconds per lap.  That's possible.

Tomorrow is my LD day.  I can sleep well tonight knowing I am on track to meet my upcoming goal.  Now, it is time for some Chinese takeout and a movie.


The Green Girl said...

I agree that pre-run fueling makes a big difference.

I'm impressed with your fortitude in that temperature and humidity.

Good luck to you shaving off those 4.5 seconds per lap!

Natalia said...

Hi Douglas, Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice run, and splits....I look forward to reading more!