Monday, July 19, 2010

LD Run

LD or Long Distance run.  Sometimes you'll see people post LD.  It's short for long distance.  This is where you get the endurance in your training.

Usually, people will run these on the weekend when they have more time.  For marathoners, this is the build up runs while prepping for the longer distances while usually not going the actual distance of a marathon since that can break you down physically and you may not want to do that while training.  For a mid-distance runner like 10k to half marathons, you'd probably run about the same distance as your race.  If you are short distance runner like myself, long distance means more like 6-10 miles.  I run 5k's, hence the title of my blog.

I like speed work, but I have to work on my endurance.  You can take a world class sprinter like Tyson Gay or Usain Bolt and without LD runs, they aren't going to get good 5k times.  So that's what I had to run today.  I was supposed to run LD yesterday, but I felt that I needed to relax on the weekend, especially after hitting my goal time.

I got 6 miles logged.  I could have sworn it was more like 7.5 miles.  Nope.  Just 6.  It took me 58:30 to run 6 miles.  That includes my warmup miles, but still... if I can run in the 7 minute range fairly easy, then why am I running 6 miles close to 10 minute pace?  I will blame it on the heat and the humidity for now, but I need to see some improvement out of myself on these longer runs.


The Green Girl said...

If you ask me, heat and humidity are valid excuses.

Johann said...

I agree with The Green Girl, heat and humidity can slow you down dramatically.