Monday, July 26, 2010

440 Birthday Repeats

I took 3 days off to celebrate my birthday early.  Today is my birthday (July 26th).  Had some nice relaxation time at St. Augustine Beach this weekend.  It is time to get back to work and run 440 repeats to start the week.

I felt good on my warmup even though it was in the 90's again.  I had a full bore sweat going on by the time my 2 mile warmup was over.  Due to the heat and humidity, I just didn't feel like speeding up my pace during my warmup.  During the last half mile of my warmup, I usually like to speed up the turnover rather than adjust anything with my stride, but I didn't even have that today.

I did a quick stretch and got into my first 440.  My legs were not ready for that.  The whole first turn and back straight felt tight and clumsy.  I ran 1:28 and that is usually a fast lap since I'm usually not out of breath yet.  Couple that with the heat and it didn't feel like I was going to have a good workout.  I ran the next one in 1:23 and it didn't hurt at all.  Now things are starting to feel good.  The 3rd lap was 1:22.  Feeling good.  I need to get a 1:20 in the final 440.  I had to give it everything I had.  I couldn't believe my watch when I came around.  I hit 1:15.  I haven't run a 75 in forever.  What a great birthday gift for myself!!

I'm sure I will feel my age tomorrow when the soreness kicks in.  Time to ride my bicycle home.  Tomorrow is 5 miles easy.


Mark said...

Way to go! Congrats on your BD and the 75!

Johann said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is on 31 July. Great workout there.

The Green Girl said...

Happy belated birthday.

I'm glad you had some good birthday speedwork to celebrate.

Doug said...

Thanks for my birthday wishes!