Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last Speed Workout Before the Next 5k

It is one week until the IOA Corporate 5k on Thursday, April 15th.  Tax Day and a 5k, because sometimes you need a little pressure to perform.  It would be really nice if the Oak trees would completely stop spreading their pollen around in the next week.  I'd love to be able to run the race without the aid of Claritin.  I can just envision a 5k in Central Florida this week if no one used anti-histamines.  The race course would look like a snail trail.

Back to my training blog.  Today was my last speed workout until the race.  I planned on running 2 mile repeats like last time, except I really wanted to hit my target pace.  I went out too fast on the last race and emptied my tank too early, which was completely indicative of my speed work that week.  I ran both 2 miles too fast.  Today, my goal was 2 x 1 miles @ 7:20.  I ran the first one in 7:05.  A little too fast, but not like my last workout when I ran 6:52.  I was really pressed for time, because I had to get to Track Shack before they closed to pick up our corporate team package.  I only used 1 lap for a recovery run.  I got into the repeat mile and met my target pace the first lap.  Second lap was too slow, so I ended up having to pick it back up the last 2 laps.  That was good practice for late in a race trying to keep pace.  I met my target of 7:20 exactly.

All in all, it was a good workout.  With warmup, repeats, recovery, and cooldown, I totaled 3.5 miles.

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