Monday, April 12, 2010

What makes a good pair of headphones for running?

Give me a number between 5 and 10.

That is the question I posed to my girlfriend.  I had seven in my head and thank goodness, she said, "Seven," too.  She asks my why and I tell her that is how many miles I am going to run.

Sunday night run just after sunset.  It took me fifteen minutes trying to map out 7 miles using gmap-pedometer and not using any of my usual lake loops.

I started with my usual slow 2 mile warmup.  Instead of stopping to do a little stretch, I just gradually increased my speed until I was around an easy, comfortable 10 minute pace.  The only change I made around the 2 mile mark was wrapping up my headphones and putting them in my pocket.  I really should have just thrown them in a trash can along the way.

I will never buy a pair of Skullcandy headphones again.  First, the sound is poor.  My pair and someone else I know uses Skullcandy and the sound is "tinny".  Second and most importantly, I had to keep pushing the earbuds back into my ears about every 10 seconds.  That is just slightly annoying and there was no way I was going to make it 7 miles like that.

I had been using an old pair of Sony Walkman headphones for the past 7 years and they finally gave out last week.  I am going to search online to see what other runners prefer before I buy another set.  If nothing stands out, I will go back to Sony.

What does everyone use for headphones?  The sound quality has to be decent and more importantly, they have to stay in your ears while you are running.

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