Saturday, April 17, 2010

440 Repeats and Form Work

The IOA Corporate 5k is over and that is like the finale to the spring runs for me.  Time to start over and get some form work and some speed.  I need to get my mile time down or I'm never going to break 20 minutes again.  And 40 isn't getting any further away and that means Masters Category.  That sounded like something that would never happen when I started running road races at 14.

I jogged down to Howard Middle School to use their track.  That's 1.85 miles for a warmup.  It took me about 25 minutes which included a few stops for traffic.  I kept it slow, so I wouldn't burn up too much energy and my right hamstring was very tight for the first mile.

Today's speed work...  440 repeats in 1:30 with 220 recoveries.

No problem.


Were I capable of putting them together, I would run a 5:32 mile.  With these splits, I should be able to run under 6:30 for a mile.

Then came the form work.  I ran 50 yds plus recovery returns of the same distance.

2 sets of high knees
2 sets of butt kicks
2 sets of bounders

It was a great workout.  I had a hard time getting my thighs level to my waist and my sneakers to my butt the last 10 yards of each set.  The bounders were hard period.  My thighs felt like cement the whole 50 of each set.

Of course, that left me with a 1.85 mile jog home.  That took another 25 minutes, but I needed it to get my legs loose again.

Total workout:  just under 6 miles.

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