Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today's Goal: Just Be A Runner

Some days you go running to work on your speed by running fast.  Some days you work on your endurance by running for a long time.  Today's goal was to run just to be a runner.  No distance in mind; no speed in mind.

The only thing that I kept thinking about was my form.  I went over to A Quest for Running Perfection the other night and Danny posted a video about running economy.  No, it doesn't have anything to do with finance.  It has a lot to do with form.

I watched the video about Shalane Flanagan and then when it finished, the same company had a video about Chris Solinsky.  They think with their techniques, they could put these runners at the top of the world and not just the United States.

The microfibers they are talking about in the videos is called muscle fibrosis.  Yes, I googled it and read a few articles.  Very interesting stuff.  It appears to be cutting edge techniques in physical therapy and of course, they aren't going to tell you how to go about curing this condition on your own.  Not even a clue.

I don't know how to cure muscle fibrosis, but I can work on my form.  I only ran 2.5 miles this afternoon, but I kept reminding myself not to slack off and jog the whole thing.  My brain had to keep reminding my body to lean forward, lift my knees, push off and try not to bounce much.  It was a short run that I finished in just under 20 minutes, but it felt really good.  I felt very efficient.  Economic, if you will.


Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

I think everyone needs a run or two like this once in a while....btw...I will now be googling muscle fibrosis lol.

wendy said...

Just found your blog. You and I have a similar goal in the 5K!

Anonymous said...

In your research, I am curious if Somax mentions the research of Cyriax (circa 1978) and the physio-therapeutic maneuver known as cross-frictions.

My curiosity exists because Noakes mention a new twist on treating "chronic muscle tears". Supposedly other physio-therapists have other ideas, but he doesn't elaborate on them in the book.

So, any mentions of Cyriax or "cross frictions"?

(Is it irony that "fibrater" is my captcha word?)

du said...

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