Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heat, Pain Pills, Dehydration... Something Didn't Want Me Running Today

I pulled my back on Sunday.  It was stiff, so I tried stretching it.  That's when I pulled something.  I've been here before and it's never pleasant.  This is when I start double dosing the Aleve's.  It usually takes 3-4 days to get back to normal this way.  Without taking anything, it takes 1-2 weeks.

Well, when you throw that into the mix of heat and being dehydrated (over caffeinated), things aren't going to go well.

The prescribed workout this afternoon was 4 to 5 sets of the following:  run an 800 at 5k race pace, 45 second rest, run 400 hard and rest for 3 minutes.  I made all of my goal times through the first 3 sets.  About a minute into the third rest, I started feeling light headed.  I hoped it would go away, but I just felt a little out of it.  I had enough energy to continue my workout, but didn't want to push it with the way my head was feeling.  I went over to a nearby Oak tree and set down in the shade for about 10 minutes.  That did the trick, but I was done for the day.

Hopefully, this back pain and stiffness will be gone by Thursday's workout.

In the meantime, here are a couple pics from the Lake Mary 5K.

If I remember correctly, this was about 1.25 miles since that is when the course overlaps for a bit
and I hadn't taken my shirt off yet.  I just happened to look at the photographer at the right time...
even though I look mad, I'm not. I actually don't even remember seeing someone taking pictures.
I am on the left with my 2nd place 35-39 Age Group medal.
In the middle is the 1st place AG winner and 3rd place on the right.


The Green Girl said...

Congratulations on placing!

I'm sorry about your back, I hope it heals up quickly.

Alan Dent said...

Hope you get your back sorted soon

Nelly said...

Awesome on the medal! Hope the back feels better!

Daniella @ Runner at Heart said...

Congrats that's a huge accomplishment!

ashley said...

congrats on a strong race!

Watson said...

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