Friday, June 24, 2011

Signed up for the Watermelon 5k and a Doctor

Just over a week left till race day and I am signed up for the 20th Anniversary Watermelon 5K Run on July 4th.  It's a fun race, because many people get dressed up for it.  This will be my second time running this race.  I started OK last year, but it didn't end well.

I feel like I have lost a step of speed and I'm hoping it's only due to the afternoon heat.  I hope it's there for me next Monday.  That'll be weird, too.  Running on a race on Monday morning.

Even though I try to keep everything related to my running, I have to go into an endocrinologist on Tuesday morning.  This is a consult first, but I am sure that I will be going back.  I went in for a routine physical exam at the beginning of May and I found out that I have too much calcium in my blood.  That led to another blood test and they checked for parathyroid hormone and that was high.  That means I have hyperparathyroidism.  Yeah, you have to clap that one out... Hy-per-par-a-thy-roid-is-m.  I've done my research on the internet and there are a few things it could be, but more times than not, it means that I will need to have surgery to remove the pesky little thing that is throwing off some chemicals in my body mostly related to muscle and bone function.  Short term isn't that bad, but long term effects are very serious.

OK.  Good that off my chest.

So yesterday was 5 days in a row and this morning, I went out for an easy 3 mile run before work.  I was a little stiff in the hips and my left ankle was in a little pain today.  That made 6 days in a row and I'm debating running sometime tomorrow.  I feel like my body wants more rest, but an easy run shouldn't hurt if it is either midday or afternoon.  It's supposed to rain again tomorrow, though, and I don't like running in the rain.  Well, the summer rainstorms in Florida are usually filled with lightning.  Orlando is the lightning capital of the United States BTW and we all know it.


Brian said...

Even God rested on the 7th day, Doug!

(Best of luck w/the thyroid, too.)

Caroline said...

bRIAN IS days are important also

you are right it will be weird to race on a Monday..I have a 5k on the 4th as well...

hope all goes well with your health and that they can "fix you" quickly!

Unknown said...

I agree. Rest is good!

Good luck at the doc!

And a Monday race will be great to mix things up =)

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Hope all goes well at the doc! Happy resting and can't wait to hear about the race!

Brett Martin said...

I wouldn't worry about the slower times in the heat, that is pretty normal. And if you are feeling sore/in pain I would try and rest a little, wouldn't want to hurt it and miss the race Monday! That would be a bummer for sure.

And good luck with the doctor!

The Green Girl said...

Good luck treating the hyperparathyroidism, Doug. ::hugs::

And good luck at the watermelon run on Monday!

cathysrunning said...

Running in the rain...only did it once - not as bad as I had imagined, but then I didn't have to deal with thunder/lightening! Hope you had a good race on Monday!

Running Diva Mom said...

Rest is good! Just found you -- keep up the great work!

Doug said...

Thanks peeps! I don't know if the rest helped me on my 5k on Monday, since I had a really bad outing. It definitely felt good during the week when I wasn't running, though.

I got into an endocrinologist and I will be having more tests to make sure what we are thinking is correct. I also broke a molar a week and a half ago and had to see the dentist. I am now making an appointment to see an endodontist. Why do I have to see people with "endo" at the beginning of their job descriptions?