Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 Miler Actually Felt Good This Morning

I got up at 4:30am this morning to run a 10 miler.  I felt a little sore from Thursday's workout.  The soreness was in my lower abdomen and groin, but it was gone by 2 miles once my blood got moving.  I arrived at Cady Way Park a little late and missed a couple runners from my training group.  I did see one of them and we said hi, but I wasn't ready yet.  There were a lot of runners out on the loop today, because it was only the second long run for MarathonFest.  Some of the newbies were only running 4 to 6 miles.  It's really amazing to think that they will be running a marathon in a few months.

I felt really good out there.  No pain.  I even felt that I was just cruising a couple times during the last 3 miles and pushed myself to the edge of getting out of breath.  From mile 6, I kept calculating my times trying to reach 10 miles at 8 minute pace.  I didn't quite make it.  I know that I pushed really hard on the last half mile, too.

10 miles in 1:21:46 which is an 8:10 pace.

So the reason I was sore from Thursday's workout is because we ran 200's.  3 sets of 4 reps with 200 recovery jog between reps and then 2 minute rest between sets.  We were supposed to run them fast, but not sprinting.  Coach wanted us to work on our form and our turnover, so I did.  I got good knee lift and drive.  Kept my arms in tight to my sides and elbows around 90 degrees.  I wasn't pushing off my hind legs too much and opening up my stride in fear of pulling a hamstring again.  I went as fast as I could go without sprinting and really going after it... if that makes any sense.

3 sets

So my fastest time was a 34, which is a 68 quarter or 4:32 mile, and my slowest time was 40, which is a 1:20 quarter or 5:20 mile.  There were a couple of reps that left my hands and feet tingling, but because we were only running 200's, it didn't last long.  Even though jogging recoveries seem harder than just resting between reps, it actually helps with the workout.  This was truly evident during my last set.  Coach was running during the entire workout clockwise on the inside field of the track.  On the last set, he noticed that my recovery jogs were really slow, so he told me that I needed to be jogging a little faster than my cooldown speed.  That seemed really hard to do, but I think it actually helped.

So the soreness on Friday and Saturday was more from the knee lift and drive more so than the actual speed of the workout.


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

That sounds like a great speed workout and a fast time for a ten miler.

The Green Girl said...

Wow! I agree with Christy, I was surprised to see such a long run for you.


Kenley said...

Incredible man. I was also reading your 'about me'. I did a 4:38 mile in HS and that was about 20 years ago. Since then, put on weight and smoked. did your speed improve when you quit smoking for good? Way to go on that 10 miler.

Doug said...

Just trying to keep on going and stay injury free. If I can slog through the summer, I will be running for a year non-stop (other than injuries and illness).

Kenley, my speed has steadily increased since I stopped smoking. While I was smoking, I made some progress, too, but I know I couldn't have gotten where I am now.

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