Thursday, April 16, 2009

IOA Corporate 5K

Today, Track Shack put on the Insurance Office of America Corporate 5K Run & Walk in downtown Orlando. They moved it back to Lake Eola Park after using the Citrus Bowl the past few years. I liked finishing in the Citrus Bowl the past couple years, but the tree lined streets of Lake Eola Heights makes for a cooler run.

I tried something new. I wanted to amp myself up for the run. On normal days, I drink 2-4 cups of coffee from the morning through early afternoon. Instead, I waited until a couple hours before the race to get my caffeine intake. Also, I popped a Claritin-D about an hour and a half before race time to open up my lungs a little.

That seemed like a really good idea as I was overcome with energy just prior to the start. I took off fast on the first mile and that turned into a bad thing later. I passed the first mile marker in 6:50. I slowed into a better pace for the second as my time was 14:38, which translates into a 7:48 mile. And that's when things got ugly. I stopped for some water at the second water station which was located a little after the 2 mile marker. I got a cramp under my ribs in the middle of my stomach at about 2.25m. That made me stop. I walked for a few seconds, picked up to a slow jog and back to running. Less than a quarter mile later, I did the same thing again. I was able to finish up the last half mile without cramping, but my time was considerably hampered. I crossed the finish line at exactly 24:00. If nothing else, it was easy to remember. My average pace was 7:43, so my last mile was around 8:31. That's quite a drop off.

I haven't run in a week, so I don't feel too bad about my time. I didn't get as much speedwork in as I would've liked. I just have to keep going. I'll post pics if I can find any online later.

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