Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting a New Year of Running

I haven't been out running since I ventured into the cold around Thanksgiving in North Carolina. I have put on 10 pounds since then and I surely can feel it and I want all 10 of them to go away.

There's one easy way to resolve this. Get out and run!!!

So I did.

I went out on Saturday afternoon and ran my 2.5 mile loop around Lake Ivanhoe. I had a little chest tightness towards the end and had to slow down a little, but I made it. I probably averaged around 12 min/miles.

I ran again yesterday after work and did the same 2.5 mile loop. This time I had no pain; my legs felt good and probably averaged around 10 min/miles. The last half mile I sped up and got down around 8 min pace, but that made me cramp in my middle back. That wasn't fun, but I pushed through it since I only had a little way to go.

Definitely paid the price for the speed (not really fast, but I was pushing myself). I woke up sore and took a Bayer aspirin first thing in the morning. I've been told to take Aleve due to its anti-inflammatory properties, but my father passed out after taking one and broke his grill a few years back. Having the same genes, it makes me worry if I will wake up with no front teeth after taking one. So.... Bayer it is. It may not help me heal faster, but it definitely cuts the pain down.

I hope to keep up the momentum and continue running and subsequently keep on blogging.

Happy New Year to anyone out there reading and Have a Great Run Today!!!

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