Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Take It Out on the Street

You've heard the term, "Take it to the curb" or "Take it to the street."

It's referring to either trash (like... you're trash and get outta here) or you want to fight and someone tells you to take it outside to the street so you don't bust up a joint.

Sometimes you have a bad day at work and you gotta get it out of your system. Go for a run instead of taking it out on your spouse or friend, kids, parents, co-workers, fellow commuter.

Take It Out on the Street. Make the street pay for every bit of anxiety you have pent up inside of you. Every stride, every footstrike. Take It Out on the Street.

Take It Out on your Legs. Stride out a little more. Open it up. Kick back and make your hamstrings know about your day.

Take It Out on your Lungs. Increase your turnover. Pump your arms. Hit that anaerobic threshold and go till it burns and your legs start to feel like lead.

Take It Out on the Street. And when you go to work tomorrow and you still feel that run in your legs and your feet, you'll think about how you kicked the street's ass the day before instead the report that's due at 4.

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